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by Lou Bartelli posted Jan 16 2017 9:30AM

HIGHLIGHTS: According to a new survey, the worst body language mistakes you can make in a job interview are not making enough eye contact . . . not smiling . . . fidgeting with something on the table . . . fidgeting in your seat . . . and crossing your arms.

FULL STORY: A new survey asked more than 2,000 hiring managers for the biggest body language mistakes people make in job interviews. And number one by far was not making enough eye contact. Here are the top ten . . .

1. Not enough eye contact. Two-thirds of H.R. reps said it can ruin your chances.

2. Not smiling. Especially right when you meet the person who's interviewing you.

3. Fidgeting with something on the table, like a pen. It makes you seem nervous.

4. Fidgeting too much in your seat. Again, you'll look nervous if you can't sit still.

5. Crossing your arms in front of your chest. It makes you seem defensive.

6. Having bad posture. You look more confident when you stand up straight.

7. Playing with your hair, or touching your face too much. Again, you look nervous.

8. Having a weak handshake. It makes you seem like you're not very confident.

9. Gesturing with your hands a lot when you talk. A little bit is good, but not too much.

10. Having a handshake that's too strong. So you don't want a limp handshake . . . but you also don't want to break every bone in their hand.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Jan 10 2017 11:50AM

HIGHLIGHTS: It now costs $233,610 to raise a child from the day they're born until they turn 18, according to the Department of Agriculture . . . and that doesn't include college. The main costs are housing, food, and childcare.

FULL STORY: Children change your life and give you a new purpose and blah blah blah. You know what else changes your life and gives you a new purpose? Having tons of extra cash to spend on whatever the hell you want.

According to the latest stats from the Department of Agriculture, it now costs $233,610 to raise a child from the day they're born until they turn 18. And that doesn't even include college.

That's roughly $13,000 a year for their entire childhood.

The biggest chunk of that goes to housing, since you need an extra bedroom now that you have a kid. The other main expenses are food, childcare, transportation, health care, and clothing.

On the bright side . . . sort of . . . the costs of raising kids aren't going up as quickly as they used to. The costs have gone up an average of 4.3% per year since 1960 . . . but this year, they're only up 3%

by Lou Bartelli posted Dec 19 2016 10:40AM

FULL STORY:  The website does a poll each year to find out how "naughty" and "nice" we've been.  It covers everything from dating habits to politics.



Most of the "nice" things they asked about are kind of boring though:  28% of us donated our time . . . 31% donated money . . . 60% did at least one random act of kindness . . . and 50% CLAIM they never lashed out at anyone over the election.



Here are six "naughty" things we did that are a little more interesting . . .



1.  17% of people unfriended someone on Facebook over the election . . . and 16% lied about voting when they actually didn't vote at all.



2.  A third of people in relationships looked through the other person's phone or Internet history . . . and 15% of single people flaked on a first date.



3.  26% of people found something that didn't belong to them, and kept it.  And 17% found a wallet, purse, or bag and DID return it, but stole something out of it first.



4.  59% of us pretended to be sick to get out of something we didn't want to do.  



5.  20% of people admitted to gossiping about a close friend.



6.  And 12% lied on their résumé, or in a job interview.

by Lou Bartelli posted Dec 13 2016 10:59AM


HIGHLIGHTS:  The average woman expects $215 worth of Christmas presents this year, according to a new survey.  But the top three things you SHOULDN'T buy them are socks . . . bath salts . . . and chocolates.



FULL STORY:  If you haven't started Christmas shopping for your wife or girlfriend yet . . . GOOD.  Because you weren't going to spend enough or get the right gift anyway.



According to a new survey, the average woman expects $215 worth of presents this year.  And that's a pretty big disconnect from what men were thinking . . . because the average guy only planned on spending $68.



The survey didn't ask women what specific gifts they want, but it DID find the ones they DON'T want.  The eight things women don't want for Christmas are:



1.  Socks.


2.  Bath salts.  (I assume that refers to the bath salts you get from Bath & Body Works, not the drug that makes people eat each other's faces.)


3.  Chocolate.


4.  Perfume, body spray, or toiletries.


5.  Gift cards or money.


6.  Kitchen products. 


7.  Windshield wipers.  (???)


8.  A sewing kit.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Dec 9 2016 9:02AM

HIGHLIGHTS:  "Men's Fitness" released some tips for awkward holiday situations.  They include:  If you get too drunk at the office party, go in to work early to apologize to anyone you might have offended.  And if you get a gift from someone you hadn't prepared for, make sure to put them at the top of your list for next year.



FULL STORY:  Here are four awkward holiday party situations, and how to deal with them . . .



1.  You get too drunk at the office party.  If it was something minor and you didn't make a TOTAL ass of yourself, the best thing to do is lay low, go in to work early the next work day, and don't bring it up unless someone else does.



But if it was something bigger, you should own up to it and apologize to anyone you might have offended.  And if your DATE was the one who hit the open bar too hard, explain that she wasn't feeling well and acted out of character . . . and leave it at that.



2.  You get a present and don't have one to give in return.  The best way to handle it is to thank the person profusely, explain how much you love the gift, then put them at the top of your list for next year. 



3.  You're getting grilled about politics at dinner.  Diffuse the situation by asking the person questions about themselves instead of getting in a political back-and-forth and potentially escalating the conversation.



4.  You're double-booked to two holiday parties.  It's tempting to lie and say you're sick, but the better option is to be honest and let one of the hosts know as soon as possible.  Then a few days later, call or text them, remind them how sad you were to have missed it, and set up a time in January to get together

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by Lou Bartelli posted Dec 8 2016 11:20AM

e 10 Most Downloaded Apps of the Year


HIGHLIGHTS:  Snapchat was the most downloaded app of the year, according to Apple.  Facebook Messenger came in second, and "Pokemon Go" was third.



FULL STORY:  Snapchat has come a LONG way from when it was just a way for people to send nude photos.  Now it's a way to send nude photos AND videos where you're puking rainbows.



Apple just released their list of the 10 most downloaded apps of the year and Snapchat came in number one.  Here's the top 10 . . .



Snapchat . . . Facebook Messenger . . . "Pokemon Go" . . . Instagram . . . Facebook . . . YouTube . . . Google Maps . . . Pandora . . . Netflix . . . and Spotify.



There's no chance you remember the most popular app from 2015, but it was a game called "Trivia Crack".  I wouldn't have guessed that in 1,000 tries.  Anyway, "Trivia Crack" didn't make the top 10 this year.



The top paid app of the year was ELLEN DEGENERES' game "Heads Up" for the second year in a row

by Lou Bartelli posted Dec 7 2016 7:16PM

HIGHLIGHTS:  If you're driving on less than five hours of sleep, you're four times more likely to get in a car accident, according to a new study.  Meaning, driving when you're tired increases your risk of getting into a crash as much as drunk driving.



FULL STORY:  You're smart enough not to drive after you've been drinking.  But you ALSO need to be smart enough not to drive after you stayed up until 3:45 A.M. binge watching season four of "Burn Notice".



A new study found driving on less than five hours of sleep is just as dangerous as driving drunk.



When you're driving on that little sleep, you're FOUR times more likely to crash than when you're well rested.  Driving drunk also increases your risk of a crash by roughly that same amount.



And even driving on less than seven hours of sleep still makes you twice as likely to get into an accident.



So just to make all this even scarier, 35% of people sleep less than seven hours a night, including 12% who usually sleep less than five hours . . . which means a good amount of people you're sharing the roads with are too tired to drive safely

by Lou Bartelli posted Nov 30 2016 11:42AM

HIGHLIGHTS:  Bud Light is doing a Willy Wonka-type promotion over the next few months.  If you find a GOLDEN beer can, you have a chance to win Super Bowl tickets for life.



FULL STORY:  This is the adult, drunken version of Willy Wonka's GOLDEN TICKETS.



Bud Light is putting 37,000 GOLDEN BEER CANS inside of their cases through December and January.  If you find one, you have to take a selfie with it and post it on social media. 



Six of those people will win season tickets to their favorite NFL team. 



And one person will win Super Bowl tickets for LIFE.  Well, technically 51 years, according to the rules.  But if you drink enough Bud Light to win a contest like this, do you REALLY think you'll last more than 51 years? 

by Lou Bartelli posted Nov 28 2016 11:45AM

The Most Downloaded Holiday Songs of All Time


If you need help with your Christmas playlist, you're probably not going to get it from this list of the Most Downloaded Holiday Songs of All Time . . . because chances are you've had them in your collection for years.  Whatever. 



Here it is anyway, along with the number of downloads for each song:



1.  "All I Want for Christmas is You", Mariah Carey.  3.2 million downloads.


2.  "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?", Kristen Bell, Agatha Lee Monn, and Katie Lopez.  1.6 million downloads.


3.  "Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)", Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  1.3 million downloads.


4.  "Mistletoe", Justin Bieber.  1.1 million downloads.


5.  "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree", Brenda Lee.  1 million downloads.


6.  "Christmas Canon", Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  918,000 downloads.


7.  "Where Are You Christmas?", Faith Hill.  897,000 downloads.


8.  "Feliz Navidad", Jose Feliciano.  808,000 downloads.


9.  "Jingle Bell Rock", Bobby Helms.  780,000 downloads.


10.  "Last Christmas", Wham!  751,000 downloads.

by Lou Bartelli posted Nov 18 2016 12:51PM

HIGHLIGHTS:  A new study found Facebook can actually help you get a job interview . . . IF you look good in your photos.  People who have attractive photos got 39% more interviews and were 21% more likely to get positive feedback.



FULL STORY:  If you're planning to start applying for jobs in January, you might consider DELETING your social media presence so it doesn't tank you.  But here's what you should really do:  Change your profile picture to something nice and SEXY.



A new study by Ghent University in Belgium found that having a public Facebook page can HELP you get a job interview . . . but there's a catch.  It only helps if you look good in your profile pictures.



The study found that people with attractive photos got 39% more interviews and were 21% more likely to get positive feedback. 



They didn't calculate how many of those people actually got the jobs . . . but since it's a numbers game, the more interviews you get, the better your chances are of getting hired somewhere.