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by Admin posted Dec 2 2017 2:59PM
Get ready for this year's Yakima Holiday Parade this Sunday! Get your full details here
by Admin posted Dec 1 2017 10:31AM

Cinnabon announced that they've found a way to make chocolate chip cookies that are stuffed with cinnamon rolls. I'm not sure how, but they did.

Anyway, they go on sale on Monday and they'll be available for a limited time.


by Admin posted Nov 30 2017 10:04AM

We're heading into December, so here's a list of five weird things that cold weather can do to your body . . .


1.  You burn more calories.  Not enough to make a noticeable difference when it comes to your weight.  But just being cold increases your metabolism and burns more energy.


2.  Your fingers shrink.  Cold weather constricts blood vessels in places like your hands and feet to keep your core temperature up.  So if you wear a wedding ring, you might even notice it's slightly looser this time of year than it is in the summer.


3.  It can affect your vision.  Sunlight bouncing off snow can mess with your eyes, just like staring at the sun can.  And it's rare, but just being out in the cold too long can freeze your corneas, which can lead to blurred vision and light sensitivity.


4.  Your heart attack risk could be higher.  Your heart has to work harder to pump blood when you're cold, so it's more susceptible to a heart attack.  It mostly applies to older people though. 


5.  Your face gets red.  Your body has to redirect more blood to your vital organs when you're cold.  Then when you warm up, all that blood rushes back to your skin, which is what makes your face and neck suddenly look flushed.



(Huffington Post)

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by Admin posted Nov 29 2017 10:17AM
by Admin posted Nov 29 2017 8:50AM

According to a new study, you should throw away your underwear every YEAR . . . or it becomes a health risk.


Even though you're washing them after you wear them . . . hopefully . . . old underwear can still develop a buildup of bacteria like E. coli.  That can lead to you getting infections down there.  And NO ONE wants those infections.


Of course, not everyone is even washing them regularly.  The study found 18% of men and 10.5% of women wear underwear multiple times without washing them.


And one more thing:  The researchers also say you probably shouldn't wear underwear when you SLEEP . . . nude is better. 


(Daily Mail)

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by Admin posted Nov 24 2017 9:21AM

If the holidays weren't already expensive enough, here's something ELSE to add to the list.


Apparently, we're facing a Christmas tree SHORTAGE this year, so the prices are going to be up 5% to 10% all over the country.


The main reason is that the trees for this year should've been planted in 2008 . . . but since that was when the recession was RAGING, fewer farmers planted them, so the supply is down. 



(Fox 4 - Kansas City)

by Admin posted Nov 17 2017 10:11AM

Some engineering students at the University of Michigan figured out how to essentially GUARANTEE that you win the wishbone breaking war at Thanksgiving.  Here are their five tips . . .


1.  Make sure it's dry.  A fresh wishbone won't break, it'll bend.  So you have to dry it out either by letting it sit out for a few days, or sticking it in the oven.


2.  Grab it with your dominant hand.  Your hands should be completely dry too, so that means licking the gravy off them first.


3.  Grab the side that looks thicker.  Where and how you grab the wishbone makes all the difference.  And getting the side that's thicker will give you an advantage.


4.  Grab as close to the base of the V as possible.  This is called "choking up" and it involves grabbing the wishbone between your thumb and index finger as close to the base of the V as possible.  But some people might consider that cheating so . . .


5.  Make your opponent do all the work.  The best tactic to win is to just remain still and let the other person pull.  More than likely, they'll pull up and out, and the more their side moves, the more stress and points of weakness it creates on the bone.



(HeraldNet / YouTube)

by Admin posted Nov 15 2017 6:58AM

Here's something good for you and your siblings to secretly bet on to keep Thanksgiving interesting this year:  Which relative is going to PASS OUT DRUNK first?


A new survey asked more than 1,000 people which of their relatives is most likely to get hammered at Thanksgiving dinner, and here are the results.  They add up to more than 100% because in a lot of families, there's more than one good answer . . .


1.  Your uncle, 26%.


2.  One of your cousins, 24%.


3.  Your brother, 21%.


4.  Your dad, 19%.


5.  You, 19%.


6.  Your aunt, 12%.


7.  Your sister, 12%.


8.  Your mom, 10%.


9.  Your grandfather, 3%.


10.  Your grandmother, 2%. 




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by Admin posted Nov 14 2017 11:37AM

Sometimes a company launches a new product that complements their business SO well, you can't believe it took them this long to figure it out.  This is one of those cases.


Stove Top stuffing just launched a brand new product called Thanksgiving Dinner Pants.  They've got a big expandable waistband and, basically, they look like maternity pants.  But they're not for people who are pregnant, just gorging.


They're selling them at ThanksgivingDinnerPants.com for $20 with free shipping.  You should grab some quick before they sell out. 



by Admin posted Nov 14 2017 9:02AM

New York University tested 200 people for psychopathic traits, and also had them listen to 260 songs . . . and now we have more details on the songs they liked.


All the results haven't been published yet . . . but as it turns out, psychopaths dig JUSTIN BIEBER.  In particular, his song "What Do You Mean" was popular with subjects who scored high on the psychopathy scale.


Meanwhile, on the low end were "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits and the country song "Wayward Wind", which was originally recorded by Gogi Grant in 1956, but has been covered by dozens of artists.


Psychopaths also like "Lose Yourself" by Eminem and "No Diggity" by Blackstreet . . . while non-psychos groove to "My Sharona" by The Knack.


They haven't found a pattern yet . . . if there is one.  And one of the researchers says, quote, "The cliché is they [psychopaths] are all in prison, but they're all over."