Peter McLaine

Peter McLaine -- Weekdays 3pm to 7pm

Peter, having been ‘accidentally’ lost at the mall by his parents, was raised by a pack of wild gerbils.

Peter, was named “Best Male Joke Teller” of his senior high school class at Eisenhower.  Primarily because there was no category of “Most Likely to Go to Prison.”

Peter attended Washington State University.  Peter actually was graduated from same University.  Peter barely remembers.

Peter has been at Cherry FM for about three months.  Peter is very happy here.  Where was Peter before Cherry FM?  See #2 above.

Peter enjoys sports cars, working out, sleeping in, and tossing immense wads of Playdoh off of really tall buildings.

Peter’s favorite question about life?  How do we REALLY know that Rolaids consumes 47 times its weight in excess stomach acid?

Peter was dropped on his head as a child.

Peter was the #1 Afternoon Radio Personality in Denver awhile ago.  But he never got to meet John Elway.

Peter has a sister in Redmond, a brother in Everett and a sandwich in the fridge.

Peter likes to watch a lot of TV. Especially the All-Taxidermy Channel. Peter will go back on his medication.
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Location : Denver