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by Brian Stephenson posted Jul 24 2015 9:29AM

Any interest in buying a 'Facekini'? It looks like a SKI MASK, only it's for the beach.

It's made out of a bathing suit material, and you wear it over your head to protect yourself from the sun . . . and from any jellyfish stings you might get when you swim.

It's been popular in China since it was invented in 2012 . . . of course it has. And yes, it looks BEYOND ridiculous.

And now . . . it looks like the Facekini is coming to America.

Some fashion designers in New York have been working on a line of Facekinis to break them into the American market.

There's no word on when they could come out . . . or if any of us would even want them once they do.


(Here are some Facekini photos.)

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Location : New York
by Brian Stephenson posted Jul 23 2015 10:21AM
THURSDAY was CHERRY FM NIGHT at the Yakima Pippin's Game! Not only were the Pippin's winners but so too was Jen Goodpaster - who stopped by the CHERRY FM TENT to say hi to Brian & Lou - and sign up to win $100 in fabulous food from Famous Dave's! We announced her name this morning and she called in to win!


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by Brian Stephenson posted Jul 23 2015 9:00AM

"Rolling Stone" posted a list of the 25 worst original names that famous bands almost went with, and gave the top honors to CREED. When they got together in the mid-'90s, their original name was "Naked Toddler".

Lead singer Scott Stapp said in his autobiography that their guitarist came up with it, but obviously people hated it because it reminded them of PEDOPHILES. Here's the full list . . .

1. Creed was originally "Naked Toddler".

2. Creedence Clearwater Revival originally went as "The Golliwogs". It was a reference to a BLACKFACE character in racist children's books from the 1800's. The guy who owned the first label they signed with came up with it.

3. Black Sabbath was originally "The Polka Tulk Blues Band".

4. The Red Hot Chili Peppers started as "Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem".

5. Sugar Ray originally went by "The Shrinky Dinks".

6. The post-grunge band Finger Eleven were originally the "Rainbow Butt Monkeys".

7. The heavy metal band Lamb of God started out with the name "Burn the Priest".

8. The Doobie Brothers originally went by the name "Pud".

9. Earth, Wind, and Fire were "The Salty Peppers".

10. Blue Oyster Cult was called the "Soft White Underbelly".

11. Pink Floyd started out as the "Screaming Abdabs". "Abdab" is a British term that basically means the same thing as the "heebie-jeebies".

12. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from KISS were originally in a band called "Wicked Lester".

13. The Beastie Boys were originally "The Young Aborigines".

14. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony were "The Band Aid Boys".

15. The Black Crowes were "Mr. Crowe's Garden".

16. Green Day started out with the name "Sweet Children".

17. The Beach Boys were originally "The Pendeltons", and also considered the name "The Surfers".

18. Maroon 5 released two albums under the name "Kara's Flowers". Kara was one of their groupies.

19. Def Leppard was originally called "Atomic Mass".

20. Brian May and Roger Taylor were in a band called "Smile". Then Freddy Mercury joined the group and came up with the name Queen.

21. The Cure started out as "The Obelisk".

22. Radiohead's original name was "On a Friday", because they got together to practice on Friday nights.

23. Pearl Jam booked their first gig in 1990 under the name "Mookie Blaylock". He was a point guard for the New Jersey Nets at the time.

24. The Roots started as "The Square Roots".

25. Simon and Garfunkel started out in the '50s under the name "Tom and Jerry".

(Check out "Rolling Stone's" full write-up about each name here.)

by Brian Stephenson posted Jul 22 2015 9:18AM

Your grandmother was probably an excellent cook. Your mom, too. And you . . . might be? It's hard to say, since you really don't cook enough to have an answer one way or another.

A new survey found the average person only knows how to cook FIVE MEALS or fewer without a recipe.

One in three say they only try a new recipe about once a year.

And one in eight say they wouldn't trust themselves to cook ANYTHING without a recipe . . . not even an omelet.

Also, people are much more likely to get their recipes from their mothers than their fathers. Half of women say they learned how to cook their best meals from their mother . . . only 5% got them from their fathers.

(Daily Mail)

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by Brian Stephenson posted Jul 21 2015 9:16AM

Your appearance SHOULDN'T have anything to do with your job performance. But that clearly isn't stopping you from worrying about it.

A new survey found one in THREE women think that if they don't look their best at work, it affects their career.

The survey didn't go into whether it actually DOES affect women's careers, but still . . . there's clearly an INSANE amount of pressure going on. Here are the other four things the study found . . .

1. One in 10 women have even called in SICK because of a bad hair day or a skin issue.

2. 21% have canceled plans with friends because they didn't like how they looked that day.

3. 10% have canceled a date.

4. And 5% have hidden inside and refused to go out in public at ALL.

(Daily Mail)

by Brian Stephenson posted Jul 20 2015 9:19AM

Showering at night AND in the morning can be overkill, because it dries your skin out. It also washes away the good bacteria that protects it. Here are three times it's better to shower at night . . .

1. When you wore sunblock, or had a lot of make-up on. Washing your face is okay, but the steam from a shower does a better job of cleaning off residue.

2. When you work in a place that isn't very sterile, like a hospital or a daycare. In that case, shower at night so you don't get into bed covered in germs.

3. When you went to the gym that day, or did anything that made you sweat a lot.

Now here are three times you should shower in the MORNING instead . . .

1. When you need to shave before work. Showering softens the hair up, so shaving is easier and you don't get razor burn.

2. If you're a night sweater. Obviously if you sweat all night and don't shower, you'll feel gross all day.

3. If you have really oily skin. Oil starts building up while you sleep, and if you have REALLY oily skin, it's probably okay to shower twice a day. You definitely don't want to shower more than once if you have DRY skin though.

(Yahoo Health)

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by Brian Stephenson posted Jul 17 2015 8:28AM

This might be a definitive answer to the question 'What's the worst type of pie?'

A bear broke into a bakery in Pinewood Springs, Colorado on Monday night. He smashed a window, crawled in, and went straight for their pies . . . which he just DEVOURED.

Except for one flavor. The bear ate 24 cherry pies, 14 apple pies, a few bags of cocoa and sugar . . . but wouldn't touch the STRAWBERRY RHUBARB pies.

Because the bear knows what so many of us know: Strawberry rhubarb pie is terrible. But slightly better than green tomato.

The woman who owns the place says, quote, "Maybe he wasn't feeling a tart pie, I guess."


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Location : Colorado
by Brian Stephenson posted Jul 16 2015 11:15AM


This Saturday from Noon to 9pm, Bale Breaker Brewing Company in Moxee is hosting this summer's Ales for ALS Fundraiser. This year's event will again feature live music. food vendors and the release of this year's Bubba's Brew!

- Live Music from 4 to 9pm, featuring "Out Of Commission" at 4pm, followed by "The Shreds" around 6pm!
- Local Food Vendors - Kim's Got Smoke BBQ, Hoptown Wood-Fired Pizza, Winey Dogs!

Plus - Bale Breaker will donate $1 per pint of ANY beer sold on July 18th to ALS-TDI, so come raise a glass for a great cause!

Can't attend in person? You can support the efforts by donating through the ALS-TDI website or mailing a check to: ALS TDI, 300 Technology Square, Suite 400, Cambridge, MA 02139. (Please make a note that it supports Bale Breaker's ALES for ALS fundraiser!)

To learn more about the Ales for ALS program, visit their website or watch a short video filmed after BB's first year of participating in this great fundraiser!

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by Brian Stephenson posted Jul 16 2015 9:01AM

Do you sleep on your back, your side, or your stomach? Whichever one it is, there are specific consequences you might not know about. Here are four side effects that have to do with the way you sleep . . .

1. Sleeping on your stomach can cause back pain, because your spine isn't supported. And it makes you sleep with your head turned to one side, which is hard on your neck.

2. If you sleep on your back, you're more likely to snore. But as long as you don't prop your head up with too many pillows, it's better for your spine than sleeping on your side or your stomach.

3. Sleeping on your left side puts more strain on your internal organs, including your liver, lungs, and stomach. Doctors usually tell pregnant women to sleep on their left side though, because it increases circulation to the baby.

4. Sleeping on your right side can cause heartburn. It's not clear why, but several studies have found you're more likely to wake up with heartburn if you fall asleep on your right side, opposed to your left.

Regardless of how you sleep, using an extra pillow for support can help. If you sleep on your back, put it under the arch of your spine . . . if you're a side sleeper, put it between your knees . . . and if you're on your stomach, put it right under your hips.

(Daily Health Post / NY Times / Business Insider)