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by Lou Bartelli posted Jun 25 2016 6:46PM

HIGHLIGHTS: Here are a few tips to save you money when your'e throwing a barbeque this summer: Figure out how many people are really coming . . . cut down on meat costs by serving kabobs or choosing cheaper cuts . . . and use your own plates and utensils instead of buying disposable stuff.

FULL STORY: It's officially summer, so if you're planning on throwing a barbeque, here are five tips to keep the budget in check.

1. Figure out how many people are REALLY coming. You'll have fewer leftovers and less wasted food. Send the evite or whatever as early as possible, so people can plan ahead. Then send out a reminder the week before.

2. Don't just serve meat. You can grill corn on the cob, and cut up a fresh watermelon.

You can also do kebabs, which saves on cost since they're served between chunks of veggies. Or a taco station with inexpensive toppings like lettuce and tomatoes.

3. Choose a cheaper cut. They can be a hit if you tenderize them in a marinade of citrus, wine, or vinegar. Look for London broil, flatiron steaks, or chicken thighs.

4. Drop the drink costs. After meat, drinks are usually the next most expensive part of a party. So offer a selection such as water, soda, and a big vat of sangria. Or completely cheap out and make it BYOB.

5. Skip the disposables. Paper plates, plastic utensils, and Solo cups make cleaning up faster, but they cost more than washing your own dishes. So use regular plates and utensils if possible, and supplement with disposable stu

by Lou Bartelli posted Jun 21 2016 9:46AM

If you're wondering why everyone seems to love IPAs, but you think they're way too bitter, maybe you should stop drinking them while you listen to weird Norwegian death metal.

A new study found that the music you listen to while you drink beer actually affects how it tastes. Like, if you're listening to a Disney movie soundtrack, beer tastes sweeter. If you're listening to something with a lot of angry bass, it tastes more bitter.

The researchers say it's probably because you mentally transfer the emotions you feel from the music over to the beer.


Related Comedy: A new study says listening to different types of music can affect how your beer tastes. I was wondering why the PBR seemed stale at the Foghat concert!

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by Lou Bartelli posted Jun 20 2016 9:28AM

Here's the answer for everyone who's wanted to take down a full bottle of wine at home, but felt bad about drinking alone. Now you can get your CATS in on the action.

A company out of Colorado just introduced America's first WINE FOR CATS. There's been a cat wine on sale in Japan for a few years, but it was made out of grapes, which can be dangerous for cats . . . so it never made it over here.

But this all-American cat wine is made out of beets, which are safe. And no, it doesn't have alcohol in it. You can buy it online atApolloPeak.com, starting at $5 for a small bottle.

by Lou Bartelli posted Jun 16 2016 9:51AM

HIGHLIGHTS: A new survey found the professions we trust the least. The top 10 includes car salesmen . . . people on Wall Street . . . politicians . . . and journalists.

FULL STORY: We've got the results of a survey here that asked people what professions they trust the LEAST . . . and man, there are SO many options, I don't know how they stopped at just the top 10. Here are the results . . .

1. Car salesmen.

2. People in advertising.

3. Real estate agents.

4. Insurance brokers.

5. Union leaders.

6. Wall Street workers.

7. Local and state politicians.

8. National politicians.

9. TV journalists.

10. Newspaper journalists.

So who DO we trust? People in medicine, apparently. The three professions we have the most faith in are nurses . . . doctors . . . and pharmacists

by Lou Bartelli posted Jun 14 2016 9:12AM

HIGHLIGHTS: A new study found women are more likely to say they'd help their best friend cover up a crime than men . . . but men would be more likely to give their best friend a big loan.

FULL STORY: You never know how strong a friendship is until you get a call at three in the morning saying, "I'm in BIG trouble . . . can you grab a shovel and come over?"

A new survey asked people JUST how far they'd go to help out their best friend. Here are the results . . .

1. 15% of women and 10% of men would help their best friend cover up a crime. It's interesting that women are more likely to do it than men, right?

2. 70% of women and 60% of men would donate a kidney to their friend.

3. And women would let their best friend borrow an average of $1,800. But men would let them borrow $2,600.

The survey also found women consider someone their best friend a lot quicker than men. Women say it takes an average of one year . . . men say it takes an average of three years.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Jun 13 2016 7:16AM

HIGHLIGHTS: With young kids, you don't need to go into too much detail if they ask about the Orlando shooting, just make sure they know they're safe. And with older kids, it's okay to have a real discussion. Just try not to let them get too wrapped up in the media coverage, and stay as levelheaded as you can when you talk about it.

FULL STORY: It's hard talking to kids about things like the Orlando shooting. And with small kids, should you even bring it up at all? Here are five things to think about . . .

1. It's okay to just shield them from it if they're really young, like 4 or 5. Or if you think they do need to talk, just give them the broad strokes and make sure they still feel safe.

2. If slightly older kids have questions, answer them. Otherwise they'll get all their information from friends or online. But again, you don't need to go into all the details.

3. Don't let them get too wrapped up in the media coverage, regardless of how old they are. Several studies after 9/11 found that kids who were exposed to a lot of news coverage about it were more likely to have issues with anxiety.

4. Treat teenagers more like adults. You still want to make sure they feel safe, but it's okay to have a real discussion about it if they're a little older. The best way to start is by asking what they know, and then asking follow-up questions.

5. Try to be as calm and levelheaded as you can. Even if they're older, your kids probably still look to you for cues on how they should feel about stuff. So if you're super stressed or angry about something, they will be too.

And keep in mind that if you say something while you're angry or place blame on someone, they might hear it and think it's how you really feel.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Jun 10 2016 9:06AM

HIGHLIGHTS: Here are a few bad morning habits that can ruin your day. Hitting the snooze button . . . checking your phone before you get out of bed . . . eating a breakfast that's high in carbs . . . or skipping breakfast altogether.

FULL STORY: Here are five bad morning habits that can ruin your day . . .

1. Hitting snooze. You disrupt your sleep cycle, and end up sleepier than if you'd just gotten up in the first place.

2. Checking your phone before you get out of bed. Research from the University of British Columbia found that people who checked email throughout the day were more stressed than people who checked it just three times a day.

And checking Facebook before you get out of bed can cause you to compare your life to your friends, and make you feel jealous and agitated.

3. Putting off exercise. Exercising any time is better than not exercising at all, but research has found that people who exercise in the morning have lower blood pressure and get better sleep.

4. Taking a shower that's too hot. A hot shower in the morning will raise your body temperature and increase alertness . . . but if the water's TOO hot it can cause dry, irritated skin that can become inflamed and itchy.

5. Eating a breakfast high in carbs. A donut or muffin makes you more likely to feel sleepy and hungry before lunch. But it's still better than SKIPPING breakfast, which makes you much more likely to eat more calories later in the day

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by Lou Bartelli posted Jun 10 2016 7:59AM

He strikes when no one is around and there are adorable dogs to be hugged.

The hugging bandit was first spotted when Louisiana mom Hollie Mallet was looking at footage from the surveillance camera in her family's garage. She saw a young boy sprint from his bike into their home for a drive-by hugging of their dog, Dutchess.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Jun 8 2016 9:04AM

Hey, we've got a story about how the summer Olympics in Brazil could be deadly and it's NOT about the Zika virus! And you thought that couldn't be done.

A new study found that giant sporting events like the Olympics can really increase your risk of having a heart attack.

Here's why. If you get wrapped up in cheering for the American athletes for two weeks in a row, that can cause constant stress on your heart. So if your health is already in the danger zone, it could push you over the edge

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by Lou Bartelli posted Jun 6 2016 11:25AM

HIGHLIGHTS: Burger King just started testing a WHOPPER BURRITO. Basically it's all the Whopper ingredients rolled in a tortilla . . . including pieces of hamburger and melted cheese . . . and they're calling it the Whopperito.

FULL STORY: Burger King just created a food mash-up that will haunt your dreams. And it looks like they're taking serious aim at Taco Bell.

They just started testing a WHOPPER BURRITO. And they're calling it the Whopperito. Basically it's all the Whopper ingredients rolled in a tortilla . . . and that includes pieces of hamburger and melted cheese.

So far they've only been spotted in Pennsylvania. And unfortunately there's no word on if or when Burger King could take them nationwide.