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by Lou Bartelli posted Feb 11 2016 8:51AM

HIGHLIGHTS: The key to getting a big raise this year is working somewhere ELSE. A new study found people who switched jobs last year made 4.5% more than the year before.

FULL STORY: Your parents stayed at the same jobs their entire lives, because they knew that hard work and loyalty eventually lead to promotions and raises. But now it's 2016. Nope.

"The Atlantic" magazine analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and they found the key to getting a big raise is . . . going to work somewhere ELSE.

People who switched jobs last year made 4.5% more than the year before. People who stayed at the same job made 3.9% more. That doesn't sound like a huge difference, but across such a giant number of people, it's significant.

The gap was even bigger for people under 35 who switched full-time jobs.

This study backs up one from a few years ago, that found people who stay at the same job make 50% less in their lifetimes than people who switch every few years

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by Brian Stephenson posted Feb 10 2016 9:22AM

Some of the best inventions in history were accidents. Penicillin, the microwave, Velcro and Teflon were all created by mistake. I'm not sure THIS accidental discovery is going to join the list.

A team of scientists at University College London were recently trying to find a cure for glaucoma . . . and accidentally discovered the recipe for the perfect PANCAKE instead.

Glaucoma is caused when liquid builds up in your eye. So they wanted to figure out HOW it builds up, and how it escapes. And weirdly enough, pancakes are a pretty good stand-in for eyes from a physics perspective.

So the team started making different types of pancakes, analyzing the ratio of liquid to flour, and tracking how it affected the size and the quality of the pancakes.

Unfortunately they weren't able to figure out a cure for glaucoma. But on the bright side, they DID come up with the recipe for perfect pancakes.

You want to use a ratio of 1.75 cups of water for every one cup of flour. That should get you a nice, smooth, perfectly browned pancake. Won't do a damn thing for your eye pain, though.

(Food & Wine)

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by Brian Stephenson posted Feb 9 2016 9:09AM

How's your relationship? Good? Wonder if you'll be saying that 24 hours from now.

It's the Tuesday before Valentine's Day, and that means you're more likely to get DUMPED today than any other day of the year. So, if someone breaks up with you today . . . I guess this was your spoiler alert?

A new survey found 27% of people have dumped someone the week before Valentine's Day. And five days before is the most common day. (They even came up with the name 'Red Tuesday' to describe it. But that's so annoying, we refuse to use it.)

It also asked people their ideal way to end a relationship, and this is DEFINITELY a sign of the times: People would rather break-up with someone with a TEXT than do it face-to-face or call them.


by Brian Stephenson posted Feb 8 2016 9:00AM
This year's Oscar gifts bag are worth $200,000. And, as usual, they only go to the nominees in the major acting and directing categories. Here's a list of what's inside:

Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer ($249.99)
My M&M's ($300)
Halo, Purely for Pets ($6,300)
Explore Israel ($55,000)
SilverCar ($45,000)
Lizora ($31,200)

Tribute ($125)
Caolion ($134)
Healing Saint by Dr. Jane 360 ($193)
Walk Japan ($54,000)
Alexi Seletzky, Celebrity Trainer ($900)
Belldini ($300 +)
Chocolatines ($35)
Dandi Patch ($21)
Delovery ($2,000)
Farm Wife Style ($25)
Fit Club TV "Ultimate Fitness Package" ($6,250)
Gleener on the Go ($11.99)
Golden Door ($4,800)
Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria ($5,000)
Grand Hotel Tremezzo ($5,000)
Greenhill Winery & Vineyards ($39)
Hydroxycut Gummies ($19.88)
Jay Cardiello ($1,400)
Joseph's Toiletries ($275)
Lat & Lo ($150)
Memobottle ($47)
Mezcal El Silencio ($75)
Mission1 Clean Protein Bar ($5.64/box)
Nuelle Fiera Arouser For Her ($250)
Phantom Glass ($49.95-$59.95)
Purely Inspired Organic Protein ($19.97)
Rougle Maple ($99)
Sedona Lace ($109.95)
Signature Vodka ($70)
Slimware ($29.95)
Steamist ($5,060)
Sundial Power Coating ($500)
Tools by Gina ($250)
Vampire Breast Lift ($1,900)
Zekkle Edge ($125)
740 Park MD ($5,530)

by Brian Stephenson posted Feb 5 2016 9:22AM

The Internet is the greatest collection of knowledge and information in human history. So why do we all feel DUMBER after spending time online?

Scientists have finally figured out WHY the Internet is making you so much stupider. Fortunately, the explanation is pretty easy to understand, even for our soft, mushy brains.

It's because of . . . links. That's it. Here's why.

When you read something online, you're constantly bombarded by links to other articles, videos, and pictures. Plus there are the ads. So many ads. That makes your brain WORK while it reads, because it has to make decisions.

When you read a book, you don't have ANY choices like that. And because your brain isn't making decisions, it does a better job processing what it's reading and committing to memory.


by Lou Bartelli posted Feb 4 2016 9:27AM

In case you don't know, the Super Bowl is on Sunday. Or as every ad says because of the NFL's rabid army of lawyers, THE BIG GAME is on Sunday.

Approximately 189 million Americans will watch the game . . . that's more than half the country. Here's what they'll be eating and drinking.

1. 53% of people over 21 will drink beer, and 27% will drink wine. There's definitely some overlap between those groups.

2. 48 million people will order food for delivery, or pick something up to go.

3. Domino's will sell 12 million slices of pizza.

4. People will eat 1.3 BILLION chicken wings.

5. We'll eat almost 140 million pounds of guacamole.

6. People will spend $140.2 million on chips, and $5.1 million on vegetable trays. That means your party is 27 times more likely to have chips than vegetables.

(ABC News)

by Lou Bartelli posted Feb 3 2016 9:54AM

Double Dipping at Super Bowl Parties Is Literally Killing People

HIGHLIGHTS: A new study found that when a city's team is in the Super Bowl, the DEATH RATE jumps. It's because people are more likely to go to Super Bowl parties, where the flu is spread through shouting, coughing, and double dipping chips.

FULL STORY: You might think double dipping a chip at a Super Bowl party this weekend is a victimless crime. Really, what's the worst thing that can happen?

HERE'S the worst thing that can happen. DEATH. Lots and lots of death.

A study at Tulane University in New Orleans analyzed flu data from the past 35 years, and found an interesting connection to the Super Bowl.

If a city's team is in the Super Bowl, their DEATH RATE from the flu jumps. People over 65 in that city are 18% more likely to die . . . and that's not a coincidence.

The researchers say it's because people are more likely to attend big Super Bowl parties with people they don't know . . . and whose germs they aren't used to.

And as they all get really into the game, they start double dipping chips, shouting, and coughing . . . and that spreads germs. And since older people are the most susceptible to dying from the flu, that's really bad news for them.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Feb 2 2016 9:46AM

Nine Stats on What to Eat, Drink, and Say to Get a Second Date

HIGHLIGHTS: According to a new survey, the ideal first date should last two-and-a-half hours. Men expect it to cost $68 . . . women expect it to be $56 . . . no one expects to feel chemistry . . . and most people are okay with discussing politics and religion.

FULL STORY: just released nine great stats on dating. Check 'em out.

1. 33% of single people met their last date online, and 26% met through a friend. And you're 78% more likely to get a second date if you met online.

2. The ideal first date should last right around two-and-a-half hours. Any longer and your chances of landing a second date start going down.

3. Men expect a first date to cost $68 . . . women expect it to cost $56 . . . and both say a second date should cost about $10 more than the first date.

4. Ordering sushi on a first date ups your chances of getting a second date by 170%, which was higher than any other food. Ordering a cocktail ups your chances by 137%.

5. Almost NO one expects sparks to fly on a first date. 59% said they don't expect to feel chemistry until date two. And about a third don't expect it until at least date three.

6. Talking politics on a first date actually INCREASES your chances of getting a second date by 91%. And 25% said if you're not registered to vote, it's a deal-breaker.

7. Over 80% said they're also fine talking about religion, gun control, and immigration.

8. Only 20% of men care if their date knows about sports. And only 10% of women care if a guy is up on pop culture news.

9. 50% said ending a "good" first date with a kiss is okay. But only 6% of men and 1% of women go into a first date expecting sex.

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by Brian Stephenson posted Feb 1 2016 8:20AM

You know how your dog goes nuts when you get home and treats you like a hero. While your cat MIGHT kinda give you a "Hey, what up" nod?

We hate to break it to you, but it's because your dog really DOES love you more.

A new study analyzed saliva from dogs and cats after they played with their owners for 10 minutes. The researchers looked for how their levels of oxytocin changed, since that's the hormone connected to love and bonding.

They found the oxytocin levels in dogs jumped 57.2% after some quality time with their owners . . . the levels in cats only jumped 12%.

So, yeah . . . your dog loves you approximately five times more than your cat.

The researchers say, quote, "These dogs really care about their owners. It was also a nice surprise to discover that cats produce any [oxytocin] at all."

(The Independent)

by Brian Stephenson posted Jan 29 2016 9:41AM


I'm pretty sure the correct drink to pair with Girl Scout Cookies is milk, but what do I know?  A website just put together a guide of what WINES you should pair with the 12 different types of Girl Scout Cookies, now that they're on sale again.



One quick warning:  The pairing list is pretty intense . . . they didn't just pick generic wines you probably have around the house, they got specific and obscure.



Like, they recommend pairing Thin Mints with a good Brunello . . . Samoas with an aged Rioja . . . and Tagalongs with an Amarone.  You can check out the full, intimidating list at