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by Brian Stephenson posted Jul 7 2015 9:22AM

Amazon turns 20 next week and they're handling it in a mature and understated way. Just kidding. They want to turn it into a shopping frenzy that's BIGGER than Black Friday.

Their birthday is a week from Thursday, and they're going to be running crazy deals for 24 hours to celebrate. Their press release says it will, quote, "be filled with more deals than Black Friday."

There's no word on whether they're planning on turning it into an annual event . . . but if it's successful, you've GOT to think they will.

by Brian Stephenson posted Jul 6 2015 9:26AM

Everything you once loved is eventually ruined. Nothing ever changes for the better. Life is just empty darkness. Sorry, where was I . . .

Sealed Air Corp. is the company that makes Bubble Wrap, and they're about to start selling a version that YOU CAN'T POP. They gave it a horrible name, too: iBubble Wrap.

Its bubbles are part of a chain and they aren't individually inflated, so you can't pop them.

Sealed Air will sell the stuff UNINFLATED, and companies will have to pay about $5,500 for a pump that inflates it.

But it'll save Sealed Air a lot of money, and over time it will save those companies money because this stuff will be cheaper than old-fashioned Bubble Wrap.

It'll also be good for the companies like Amazon because the uninflated wrap takes up less space in their warehouses . . . and they can use that extra room to stock more products.

Traditional Bubble Wrap will still be on sale . . . but you can expect that pretty soon, a lot of the packages you get will use this new version.


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by Brian Stephenson posted Jul 2 2015 12:06PM

SELAH DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT at 4th of July Celebration

Come be a kid again at Adult Dodgeball Tournament at the Selah Independence Day Celebration July 3rd!
  • Teams will consist of 6-10 players. Best of 5 games..
  • Cash prizes, and many other drawings and raffles.
  • Come experience the fun and sign up for DODGEBALL!
  • Early Registration: $15 per person
  • Day of Event: $20 per person
Sign up at or stop by the Selah Civic Center!

City of Selah Independence Day Celebration
Date: 7/3/2015 Location: Selah
Join Selah's Independence Day Celebration on July 3rd. This year's event will include many activities. Early afternoon will feature an 18+ Dodgeball Tournament on the Carlon Park Softball fields. The tournament will lead into our open vendors and live entertainment. LIVE music from a couple local bands including Cody Beebe. Once the sun sets there will be a fireworks display for you to enjoy. This is a free event to attend, but you can buy food, drinks from the vendors. Vendors open and entertainment begins at 5pm. Event will be held at the Selah High School on the JV Softball and JV Baseball fields.

Yakima's 4th of July Celebration
Date: 7/4/2015 Location: Yakima - State Fair Park
This 4th of July, the fun will once again be found at State Fair Park in Yakima, Washington. You won't want to miss a fabulous family-oriented 4th of July, complete with old-fashioned fun for kids, a pie eating contest, beer garden, live entertainment and a carnival with exciting rides for the young -and young at heart. The day of fun culminates in a fantastic, 20-minute long fireworks display. Bring your own picnic to share with family and friends or purchase food from one of the many vendors you'll find throughout the fairgrounds. Stake out a spot on the lawns for the day, starting at noon ... and stay to watch the fireworks display at 10:00 pm!
Admission and parking are free all day. Please visit for more information.

83rd Annual Toppenish Pro-Western Rodeo and Pow Wow
Date: 7/3/2015 - 7/4/2015 Location: ToppenishThe 2015 83rd Annual Toppenish Pro-Western Rodeo and Pow Wow will be held July 3-4 at the Toppenish Rodeo Grounds, located, 600 South Division Street, Toppenish. Over 150 contestants will compete in all of the traditional rodeo events from saddle bronc riding, team roping, bull riding, steer wrestling, to barrel racing and team bronc riding. Over $5000 in prize money is at stake. The rodeo will start at 7:30 p.m. each night. General admission to the grounds is free. Parking is $2. Rodeo ticket prices are: Adult (13 years and up) 1-day pass $10, 2-day pass $18. Children (8-12 years) 1-day pass $6, 2-day pass $10. Children under 7 are free. For more information, contact the Yakima Valley Sports Commission, 509-575-3010.

Yakima Valley Pippins v. Walla Walla Sweets - Series #2
Date: 7/3/2015 - 7/5/2015 Location: Yakima
The Yakima Valley Pippins will host the Walla Walla Sweets for the second time this season, in a three game series on July 3-5, at Yakima County Stadium, 1301 South Fair Avenue, Yakima. Game times for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are 7:05 p.m., 11:05 a.m. and 5:05 p.m. respectively. For more information, go to:

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by Brian Stephenson posted Jul 2 2015 8:50AM

There's a new app called Alibi that automatically records audio and video from your phone 24 hours a day. The founders say it's like a DVR for your life.

My first thought when I heard about it was how creepy it sounds. My second thought was that I could REALLY use it to win a lot of arguments.

As soon as you start up the app, it records audio and video on your phone, and your location. Then it runs in the background, so you might not even remember it's going 24 hours a day.

It dumps its memory once an hour unless you click "save" . . . like maybe because something important happened. Your audio and video isn't stored on any servers . . . just your phone.

The creators say it's legal to record any conversation that's happening in public as long as you're a part of it . . . even if the other people don't KNOW you're recording. It's not exactly a NICE thing to do . . . but it's legal.

The app is only available for Android right now and it costs 99 cents.


by Brian Stephenson posted Jun 30 2015 8:51AM

For the Fourth of July, analyzed all 50 states to find out which ones are the most PATRIOTIC.



They looked at eight different factors, including military enlistment rates . . . how many people voted in the last election . . . and how often people volunteer.  And according to them, the most patriotic state is . . . VIRGINIA.



The rest of the top ten goes Washington, Colorado, Idaho, Alaska, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Georgia.



The LEAST patriotic state is New York, which has the fewest veterans per capita.  It also has the second-lowest number of volunteers, and it's 46th in voter turnout.



The rest of the ten least patriotic states are New Jersey, Rhode Island, Utah, West Virginia, Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania.



Florida came in 14th . . . Texas came in 33rd . . . California is 35th . . . and Massachusetts came in 40th.



The study also found states that voted Republican in the 2012 election are slightly more patriotic than states that went Democrat.  But it's so close, it's basically a tie. 






(See the full list here.)

by Brian Stephenson posted Jun 29 2015 9:09AM

The annual World's Ugliest Dog pageant went down in Petaluma, California on Friday.  And the winner is certainly deserving . . . although she's definitely attractive in her own unique way.


This year's winner is a 10-year-old mixed breed dog from Loxahatchee, Florida named Quasi Modo.  She has several birth defects that make her completely hunchbacked . . . and she looks more like a hyena than a dog.


She beat out 26 other dogs in categories like unusual attributes, raw ugliness, shocking first impression, and personality.


Her owners get a $1,500 prize. 


(CNN / Sonoma-Marin Fair)

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by Brian Stephenson posted Jun 26 2015 9:14AM

Remember when a deep-fried Twinkie sounded like a wild and crazy food creation? 


County fairs have pushed the envelope so far when it comes to food over the past few years, now it sounds mundane . . . especially compared to THIS.


The newest county fair creation is . . . a Twinkie covered in CAVIAR.  It'll be at a food stand at the Orange County Fair in southern California this year, from July 17th to August 16th. 


It'll cost you $125 . . . and it was created by the same guy who's selling a deep-fried Slim-Fast bar at the San Diego County Fair right now. 



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by Brian Stephenson posted Jun 25 2015 7:24AM

The English language is evolving . . . but not in a cool way like humans evolved opposable thumbs and mastery of the handling of fire.  English seems to be evolving for the WORSE.


The Oxford English Dictionary just announced some new additions, which more or less legitimizes them as real English words.  Check 'em out . . .


Autotune.  "To alter or correct the pitch of a musical or vocal performance using an auto-tune device, software, etc."


Fo' shizzle.  "In the language of rap and hip-hop, this means 'for sure.'"


Half-ass.  "To perform an action or task poorly or incompetently;  to do something in a half-hearted manner."


Hot mess.  "Something or someone in extreme confusion or disorder."


(Masshole.  "Term of contempt for a native or inhabitant of the state of Massachusetts."


Sext.  "A sexually explicit or suggestive message or image sent electronically, typically using a mobile phone."


Stanky.  "Having a strong, usually unpleasant, smell." 




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by Brian Stephenson posted Jun 24 2015 9:13AM

Researchers recently looked at what people said on social media about different TV shows, and analyzed their profiles to see what their favorite shows might say about their personality.



These things tend to be about as accurate as your horoscope, but here's what they found . . .



1.  If your favorite shows are sitcoms like "Modern Family" and "The Big Bang Theory", you're more likely to have an active imagination . . . more likely to take risks . . . and more likely to recycle.  (???)



2.  If you enjoy competitive reality shows like "The Voice" or "The Biggest Loser", you're more likely to be considerate, cooperative, sympathetic, and trusting.



And this is random, but you're also more likely to be a good bargain shopper.  Which is probably good, because supposedly you're more likely to be into fashion too.



3.  If you like current event shows, you're more likely to be thorough when it comes to your work.  But that doesn't just mean you just watch the news.  It also applies to things like "Saturday Night Live" and "The Daily Show".



4.  And if you watch really popular shows no matter WHAT they are, you're more likely to be an extrovert . . . so you can talk about them at work the next day. 



(Prevention / MovieMetrics)

by Brian Stephenson posted Jun 23 2015 9:12AM

The a cappella group Pentatonix won season three of "The Sing-Off" in 2011, and now they're huge on YouTube.


Over eight million people follow them, and their newest video is called the "Evolution of Michael Jackson", where they do 25 different songs in the order they came out.


So they start with the Jackson 5 song, "I Want You Back" from 1969 . . . do "Thriller" around the halfway point . . . and end with "You Are Not Alone" from 1995.  But they only do parts of them, so the whole thing is about five minutes long.

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