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by Brian Stephenson posted Oct 9 2015 9:31AM

Remember last month when Facebook announced they were finally adding a DISLIKE button? People were thrilled. I mean, what could be MORE useful in an election year.

But now it looks like that might NOT be the plan. Instead of a dislike button, Facebook has started testing "reaction emojis." Lame.

In other words, there'd be no option to click a thumbs-down to "dislike" a post. There would be seven different emojis to choose from.

The old 'thumbs-up' to like a post . . . a heart for "love" . . . a laughing face for "haha" . . . a happy face for "yay" . . . a shocked face for "wow" . . . a crying face for "sad" . . . and a mad face for "anger."

Right now they're just being tested in Ireland and Spain . . . there's no word whether Facebook plans to take them worldwide.


(Here's a screenshot that shows the emoji options under a post.)

by Brian Stephenson posted Oct 8 2015 8:36AM

Apparently nothing says "passion" and "romance" like introducing one of the most hated aspects of the corporate workplace into your marriage.

According to a new study, the key to a great marriage is . . . giving each other PERFORMANCE REVIEWS. Twice a year, in fact.

Researchers at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts had some couples come in every six months, and fill out forms about the strengths and weaknesses in their marriages. Then they had the couples share their forms with each other.

They also had some couples come in for interviews but DIDN'T have them do the performance evaluations.

And after a few years, they found the couples who gave each other reviews had major improvements in their relationship satisfaction and their intimacy. They were also much less likely to be depressed than people who didn't do the evaluations.

The researchers say the performance reviews are a good way to sniff out potential problems in your relationship before they get too big, and drive you to counseling or splitting up.

(Wall Street Journal)

by Brian Stephenson posted Oct 7 2015 9:13AM

Apparently we're a country of foul-mouthed, nose picking, gas ripping perverts. God bless America. "Wired"magazine just did a statistical breakdown on the average American's day. Here are 11 weird things they found . . .

We smile 20 times a day.

Tell 1.65 lies.

Exercise 17 minutes.

Pick our nose four times.

Pass gas 10 times.

Watch 2.8 hours of TV.

Pee four to seven times, and poop up to three times.

Lose 40 to 100 strands of hair.

Have 1.5 alcoholic drinks.

Swear 80 times.


by Brian Stephenson posted Oct 6 2015 7:03AM

If you worked from home, you wouldn't have to sit in that freezing office . . . eating a partially defrosted Lean Cuisine for lunch . . . surrounded by your annoying coworkers . . . with your boss constantly lurking, trying to ruin your day.

So this makes sense: According to a new survey, 80% of people say they like to work ALONE instead of around other people.

The survey also found 83% of us think our companies fixate on trivial stuff instead of focusing on what's important.

And 67% of us feel like we could be FIRED at any moment.

But in spite of all that awfulness, we keep on sucking it up and coming in. 41% of people say they rarely or never miss work just because of the stress.

(PR Newswire)

by Brian Stephenson posted Oct 5 2015 9:08AM

51-year-old Hayden Vandiver of Columbia, Tennessee hated his old boss, and couldn't stand being around his wife. So he came up with a BRILLIANT plan to solve both of his problems.

He broke into the asphalt company where he used to work last Sunday, stole his former boss's Dodge pickup truck . . . then drove it into a CREEK. He didn't even try to hide that he did it, because he WANTED the cops to catch him.

After he was arrested, he explained to reporters why he did it. Quote, "[My boss] disrespects his employees. It made me feel great because I know it will hurt him. He'll come in the next day and his little baby . . . is four feet in a creek."

And it also solves his issues with his wife, because now that he's in jail, it'll give him some time away from her . . . and might even end their marriage. Quote, "She is having a bad time right now. She knows I did this to get away from her."

He was charged with burglary, vandalism, and driving under the influence.

(NBC 17 - Raleigh)

(Here's a photo of Hayden happily talking about what he did.)

by Brian Stephenson posted Oct 2 2015 9:05AM

Now that it's October, you're probably already planning your Halloween costume.

Just kidding . . . you'll be scrambling to buy something crappy and over-priced at a crowded Halloween store at 6:00 P.M. on the night of Halloween, just like the rest of us.

But if you DO feel like getting a jump on things, here are the two big costume trends this year. It's according to Pinterest though, so take that for what it's worth.

1. Group costumes. Instead of everyone doing their own thing, you pick an idea for a bunch of people, and everyone sticks to the theme.

It can be anything . . . Mario Kart, "The Walking Dead", the Kardashians . . . whatever.

2. Throwback pop culture costumes. And the '90s are hot . . . Pinterest says '90s costumes are 500% more popular than they were last year.

Think boy bands, "Scream",the Spice Girls, "Clueless", "Ace Ventura" . . . you get it.


by Brian Stephenson posted Oct 1 2015 9:04AM

You can now buy caffeinated PEANUT BUTTER. It's from a company called Steem in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

But do NOT accidentally pack your kids a sandwich made with this stuff, or you're gonna get some really angry calls from their school.

Because this stuff is POTENT. One tablespoon has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. The caffeine comes from a green tea extract that's mixed in.

The creators say it's actually BETTER at keeping you awake and getting your energy up than coffee or an energy drink, because of the recipe.

Quote, "The unsaturated fats actually create bonds with the caffeine so the digestion process is slower and results in a steady release of energy."

It's starting to make its way into stores but if you want some now, it's available online for $4.99 a jar, plus shipping. Just go

(Boston Herald)

by Brian Stephenson posted Sep 30 2015 9:12AM

Maybe one day you'll get sick of taking pictures of your face . . . but probably not.


A new survey found that people who were born after 1980 will take more than 25,000 selfies in their lifetime.  Here are five more stats from the survey . . .


1.  We now spend 54 hours a year taking selfies.


2.  More than half of people fix their hair before they take a selfie . . . and 47% practice their facial expression.


3.  People spend up to seven minutes taking and retaking selfies to try to get the perfect one.


4.  47% of people think it's okay to take a picture of themselves during CHILDBIRTH . . . and 30% think it's okay during sex.


5.  And 20% think it's okay to take one during a FUNERAL. 



(Huffington Post / Zee News)

by Brian Stephenson posted Sep 29 2015 9:07AM

If you drink coffee in the morning because you can't even imagine trying to focus on what your coworkers are saying without it . . . don't worry.  They all feel the same way about you.


A new survey found 44% of people can't have a conversation in the morning until they've had their coffee.  They also can't make their commute without it.


40% say they can't focus on emails until they have coffee . . . and 38% can't even have breakfast without it.


The survey also found that 57% of us need at least two cups of coffee through the day to be productive and alert at work. 



(Business Wire)


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by Brian Stephenson posted Sep 28 2015 8:54AM

Hopefully you wrapped your kids in bubble wrap this morning, before you sent them off to school.


A school district in Mercer Island, Washington just banned kids from playing TAG at recess.


A spokeswoman says they outlawed Tag because, quote, "Students are expected to keep their hands to themselves.  The rationale behind this is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students."


So apparently all these years, Tag has been a game of physical and psychological torture that could destroy kids for life.


Parents are complaining, of course, because that's what parents do.  But also because this REALLY seems ridiculous.


One mom says kids need the opportunity to play whatever they want at recess, because now, quote, "[My son] has been spending most of his recesses wandering around with his friends talking about video games, which is the last thing I want." 



(FOX 13 - Seattle)


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