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by Brian Stephenson posted Jul 16 2015 11:15AM


This Saturday from Noon to 9pm, Bale Breaker Brewing Company in Moxee is hosting this summer's Ales for ALS Fundraiser. This year's event will again feature live music. food vendors and the release of this year's Bubba's Brew!

- Live Music from 4 to 9pm, featuring "Out Of Commission" at 4pm, followed by "The Shreds" around 6pm!
- Local Food Vendors - Kim's Got Smoke BBQ, Hoptown Wood-Fired Pizza, Winey Dogs!

Plus - Bale Breaker will donate $1 per pint of ANY beer sold on July 18th to ALS-TDI, so come raise a glass for a great cause!

Can't attend in person? You can support the efforts by donating through the ALS-TDI website or mailing a check to: ALS TDI, 300 Technology Square, Suite 400, Cambridge, MA 02139. (Please make a note that it supports Bale Breaker's ALES for ALS fundraiser!)

To learn more about the Ales for ALS program, visit their website or watch a short video filmed after BB's first year of participating in this great fundraiser!

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by Brian Stephenson posted May 18 2015 11:39AM
Brian & Lou "the waking crew" stopped by Valley Dermatology to see their new location at 3911 Castlevale, #301 on Friday and delivered donuts to the staff!

Sign up to win the great donut giveaway HERE.

by Brian Stephenson posted Apr 29 2015 2:35PM
A guy amid the riots in Baltimore decided to protest by dancing like Michael Jackson to "Beat It".  He told the "New York Daily News" he wanted to show people there are better ways to make a point than by destroying stuff.

He's got moves.

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by Brian Stephenson posted Apr 21 2015 10:51AM

There are 5,000 state fair food vendors who are KICKING themselves right now, for not coming up with this recipe.


A blog called Oh Bite It just unveiled a monstrous, all-American creation:  BACON WRAPPED, deep-fried OREOS.  Here's how you make them . . .



1.  Wrap an Oreo with an entire piece of bacon, covering up as much of the cookie as you can.  Hold the bacon in place by putting a toothpick through it, sticking into the cream filling.



2.  Fry it in oil.



3.  Let it cool off a little bit, but eat it warm.



4.  Try not to die from a heart attack. 

Lou and I are going to make some of these.....will you be willing to try one?



(Oh Bite It / Huffington Post



(Here are a few photos.)


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by Brian Stephenson posted Apr 20 2015 12:41PM

Catcalling: defined as making a whistle, shout, or comment of a
sexual nature to a woman passing by.

Isn't that just a ridiculously stupid and demeaning thing for a
man to do to a woman in public?
As a husband and father & grandfather - the thought of the special
ladies in my life being subjected to that sort of
knuckle-dragging behavior makes me want to go all
"caveman-warrior-butt-kicker" on someone.

A reporter for was in New York last week, talking to people about signs someone put up that
said, "No Catcalling Zone."  Which most people thought were great.  But one guy thought the story was
IN FAVOR of catcalling . . . and actually started doing it to women while he was being interviewed.

Check out the video:

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by Brian Stephenson posted Apr 16 2015 2:41PM
Anyone in the Cherry FM Nation Star Wars fans? If the "Force" hasn't been with you for awhile.....that's about to change. The teaser was revealed at the Star Wars Celebration in California Thursday during a panel discussion with Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy. The film is set for release Dec. 18. Professor Lou Bartelli already has taken his lightsaber out of moth balls.

by Brian Stephenson posted Apr 16 2015 11:46AM
John Lennon's Last live performance, filmed at the "Salute to Lew Grade" on April 18, 1975

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by Brian Stephenson posted Apr 13 2015 11:13AM
Pink has never cared what you think. Since she first rose to fame more than a decade ago, she’s been one of the more progressive popstars, a sort of feminist punk rock option for anyone coming of age circa Britney Spears. She might have grown up, got married, and had a kid, but she certainly hasn’t lost her edge. Over the weekend, after attending a cancer benefit to support a friend, she noticed some social media users criticizing her weight. And, in  typically positive Pink fashion, she responded to her body shamers:

by Brian Stephenson posted Apr 9 2015 11:23AM
Though you wouldn't detect it if you saw me play -- I love golf. One of the most prestigious and beloved tournaments is The Masters, played in Augusta, GA every April. Known as one of four "Major" tournaments, The Master got under way this morning with a field of 97 - hoping to make the cut to play on through the weekend where the winner will be suited with the coveted "green jacket" on Sunday.

Tiger Woods is back in the field. How well will he do? I'll be watching. And you can too with this link:  CLICK HERE
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by Brian Stephenson posted Apr 8 2015 11:20AM
Times are tough. The New Orleans Saints team is currently suffering - since the Seahawks acquired their prized tight end Jimmy Graham and they are coming off of another losing season.
Now, one of the former players, presumably a part of the Superbowl Champion Saints team a few years back -  is trying to cash in on some very personal memorabilia. A SUPERBOWL RING and an autographed helmet.

Read More from the New Orleans Times-Picayune
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by Brian Stephenson posted Apr 6 2015 2:58PM
Mariers open their season today! Be sure to catch all the action on our sister station - "The FAN" - at 1390 AM and 104.5 FM!

The M's are considered to be on track to have a BIG year.
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