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by Lou Bartelli posted Apr 29 2016 9:18AM

HIGHLIGHTS:  Here are a few ways your relationship is hurting you:  Fighting increases your risk for heart problems, stroke, and diabetes . . . snoring or hogging the covers can lead to bad sleep . . . and not talking through issues can cause headaches, anxiety, and depression.



FULL STORY:  This week we heard about a study that found women become less stressed after their husbands die.  And if that sounds bad, this DEFINITELY won't help.  Here are five ways your relationship might be KILLING you.  Happy Friday?



1.  Fighting all the time can increase your risk for heart problems, high blood pressure, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.



2.  Eating too much.  According to a study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, marriage raises the risk of women becoming overweight by 3.9%, and men by 6.1%.



3.  Forgetting to take care of yourself.  Taking time out for a walk or the occasional massage can reduce stress and anxiety.



4.  Sleep deprivation.  If your partner's snoring or tossing and turning is keeping you from having a good night's sleep, it can have negative health implications down the line.



5.  Lack of communication.  Not talking through issues can cause everything from headaches and muscle tension to anxiety and depression.  



And even worse, women are more likely to self-medicate through alcohol and drugs to deal with the stress of a bad relationship.


by Lou Bartelli posted Apr 28 2016 9:32AM

Five Daily Habits That Cause Wrinkles


HIGHLIGHTS:  Here are five things we do every day that cause wrinkles:  Squinting . . . sleeping on your stomach or your side . . . rubbing your eyes . . . eating too much sugar . . . and being in the sun while you're driving.  There are two types of UV rays that can damage your skin, and your car windows only block one of them.



FULL STORY:  Here are five things we do every day that cause wrinkles . . .



1.  Squinting.  It causes wrinkles around your eyes and the bridge of your nose.  So if you wear glasses, make sure your prescription is up to date.  And if you're driving with the sun in your eyes, wear sunglasses.



2.  Sleeping on your stomach or on your side.  You end up with your face squished into your pillow for six-to-eight hours.  And it can also restrict blood flow to the side of your face you sleep on, which can also cause wrinkles.



3.  Rubbing your eyes.  The skin around them is the most delicate skin on your body, and you end up stretching it out.  Plus, you transfer dirt and oil from your hands to your face, which also doesn't help.



4.  Eating too much sugar.  It messes with your hormones and destroys some of the collagen in your skin, so it loses some of its stretchiness.



5.  Being in the sun while you're driving.  The windows in your car only stop one type of UV rays, called UVB rays.  But UVA rays still get through and damage your skin.



It can also happen if you sit near a window at work.  And the tiny bit of sun you get walking to and from your car also adds up.  Which is why you're supposed to wear sunblock every day, but most people don't. 




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by Lou Bartelli posted Apr 27 2016 11:06AM

HIGHLIGHTS:  You should only be working three days a WEEK.  Researchers found our brains can only really function at peak levels for about 25 hours a week.  After that, the quality of your work declines REALLY quickly.



FULL STORY:  If your boss is into the whole science thing, take THIS to him and see if you can get yourself permanent four-day weekends.



A new study out of the University of Melbourne in Australia found that we should only be working three days a week.



The researchers found that our brains can only really function at their peak levels for about 25 hours a week.  After that, the quality of our work declines REALLY quickly.



The drop is so bad that if you ever try to pull a crazy 70-hour week, your brain is basically USELESS by the end.



Now, there is one catch.  The study only included people over 40, so it's possible that younger people can hang in a little longer.  But still, no matter how old you are, at some point too much work just makes your brain shut down

by Lou Bartelli posted Apr 25 2016 9:05AM

HIGHLIGHTS:  There's a new app that works with a special cell phone case to detect your BODY ODOR.  It'll analyze your smell, compare it to a database, and figure out how badly you stink.



FULL STORY:  It's about time your phone does something that makes you BETTER at face-to-face contact . . . instead of way worse.



There's a new app coming soon that can detect and analyze your BODY ODOR.



First you need to put a special case on your phone . . . basically it somehow "smells" your armpit.  Then the app analyzes the smell against its database, and figures out just how badly you stink.



Both the app and the case are in the testing phase right now, but they could be available as soon as next month.



For now, it's only designed to detect men's B.O.  A study found that the part of the brain that detects smells is 40% smaller in men than women, so women are much more sensitive to someone who stinks

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by Lou Bartelli posted Apr 22 2016 9:29AM

HIGHLIGHTS:  Here are a few ways the weather can impact your health:  Cooler temperatures can help you sleep . . . hurricanes and tornadoes can lead to anxiety and substance abuse . . . and hotter temperatures can put you in the mood to get it on.



FULL STORY:  Here are five ways the weather can impact your health.



1.  Cooler temperatures can help you sleep.  According to a researcher at the National Sleep Foundation, the ideal temperature for sleeping is 60 to 68 degrees.  That's because when your body cools down, it preps your brain for sleep.



2.  Extreme weather could lead to psychological problems.  People who live in areas that are susceptible to hurricanes or tornadoes are at a higher risk for mental issues.



And according to a report from the National Wildlife Federation, approximately 200 million Americans may have psychological problems such as anxiety or substance abuse due to weather-related issues.



3.  Sunny days are linked with a mood boost.  A study at the University of Michigan found that people who spend at least half an hour outdoors in sunny weather had happier moods than people who didn't.



4.  Your blood pressure is lower in the summer.  Research shows that your blood pressure drops in the summer due to a change in atmospheric pressure.  In the winter, lower temps cause your blood vessels to narrow, which can increase pressure.



5.  Hotter temperatures may put you in the mood.  Research has found that men's testosterone levels tend to spike around June each year, and so do women's hormone levels linked to ovulation.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Apr 21 2016 5:37AM

The Most Important Food Innovation From Each State


HIGHLIGHTS:  A new list picked the most important FOOD INNOVATION from each state.  Like sliced bread in Iowa . . . hot sauce in Louisiana . . . bourbon in Kentucky . . .  and Chipotle in Colorado.



FULL STORY:  America may not be good at inventing food, but we're FANTASTIC at taking food that already exists and making it better.



Thrillist put together a list of the most important FOOD INNOVATION from each state.  And they did a pretty good job, because a lot of these are going to be pretty hard to argue.  Well, except for North Dakota . . . they'll argue.  Here are some highlights.



1.  Colorado's most important innovation was Chipotle . . . the restaurant chain, not the spice.  They also say Georgia's most important innovation was Waffle House . . . Massachusetts's is Dunkin' Donuts . . . and Washington's is Starbucks.



2.  Iowa's is sliced bread.  Yep, Iowa literally invented sliced bread.  It was invented and patented in Davenport, Iowa.



3.  Louisiana's is hot sauce.



4.  Kentucky's is bourbon.



5.  And North Dakota's is . . . unknown.  The writers just said it's definitely NOT lutefisk, but they couldn't find anything else.


Yeah yeah, the proliferation of Starbucks has reached a point that it’s hacky and cliched to even joke about its ubiquity. But it’s undeniable that Starbucks meteoric rise permanently changed the way Americans think about and consume coffee, and without those green-and-white cups making more Americans stop and think “Hey, maybe I should actually give a shit about the coffee I’m drinking?”, you probably don’t have a market for that third-wave coffee joint that’s making you a pour-over while telling you that Starbucks is the devil, so give credit where credit is du

by Admin posted Apr 12 2016 2:17PM
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by Brian Stephenson posted Apr 7 2016 9:19AM

One of the great, pointless debates of modern life is the right way to hang a roll of toilet paper.  Do you go with the "over" style, where the paper hangs to the front, or "under," where the paper hangs to the back?


Well, believe it or not, a therapist ran a study on 2,000 people to see if the way you hang toilet paper is a window into your personality . . . and she actually DID find one connection.


People who put a toilet paper roll in the "over" style are more DOMINANT.  People who hang the roll "under" style are more submissive.


She also found that the "over" people are SO dominant, sometimes they actually switch the paper at other people's houses if it's "under" style.


For what it's worth, last year, someone actually dug up the original toilet paper roll patent from 1891 and found that in the drawings, the roll is in the "over" style. 



(The Independent)

by Brian Stephenson posted Apr 6 2016 9:24AM

This is why Uber is great.  INSANE crap like this never happened with taxis where the drivers had to be licensed and responsible.


20-year-old Juan Carlos of the Bronx, New York got an Uber in Philadelphia on Saturday, and his driver was a guy named Corey Robinson.  Juan had Corey take him 200 MILES to central New York.


Corey eventually got too tired, so he asked Juan to drive his car while he took a nap.


And when he woke up, Juan was doing 86 miles-an-hour . . . because he'd gotten into a POLICE CHASE.


Apparently the cops tried to pull him over and he didn't want to stop, so he took off.  The chase finally ended when he crashed the car.  He and Corey both wound up with minor injuries.


He was charged with fleeing police and driving without a license.  Corey was arrested initially, but got released.  Uber says he's been suspended while they investigate. 



(CBS 2 - New York


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by Brian Stephenson posted Apr 4 2016 9:27AM

Drinking coffee is so 2015.  Now, everyone cool is going to be EATING their coffee. 


A company called Nootrobox just started selling a product called Go Cubes, which are little gummy cubes of chewable coffee.


Each one has 50 milligrams of caffeine, so eating two of them will give you the same amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee.  You'll need to eat like five or six to equal a cup of Starbucks, but whatever.


The Go Cubes come in three flavors:  Pure drip, mocha, and latte.


And the cost isn't crazy.  If you buy their cheapest option, which is six four-packs, it'll set you back $23.  So, each time you eat two of them instead of drinking a cup of coffee, it's roughly $2.


They're on sale on the website GoCub.es



by Brian Stephenson posted Apr 1 2016 8:57AM

Your grandpa would've sooner saluted Hitler before he would've let another man fix his car.  You're not your grandpa.



A new survey found 40% of Americans today say they have no idea how to change a tire!!  17% don't even know if they have a spare tire in their car . . . or don't know where to find it if they do have one.



The survey also found 10% of us have accidentally left our windows open during a car wash.  We are just not car people. 



(PR Newswire)

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by Brian Stephenson posted Mar 31 2016 9:15AM

There's a photographer named Anne Geddes, who pretty much only photographs babies.  She's responsible for a lot of the corny pictures you see where a whole row of kids are dressed like a flowers or bumblebees.


Anyway, she recently did an interview where she gave advice on how to take better pictures of your OWN kids.  So that doesn't mean MORE pictures to annoy people on Facebook with, just BETTER ones. 


Here are her top three tips . . .



1.  Take pictures in the morning, especially with young kids.  She says you get better results that way, and that's why she always does photoshoots with babies in the morning.  Probably because they tend to be a little crankier later in the day.



2.  Crouch down to their level.  You'll get better photos if you shoot them straight on.  Otherwise they'll be looking up at you in every shot.  So with young kids and babies, you might actually need to sit down on the ground.



3.  Be as playful and spontaneous as you can, so they have fun.  Which is easy if you're just snapping photos while they play in the backyard.  But it's more important if you're trying to get them to pose for a family photo or something.




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