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by Lou Bartelli posted Jan 16 2017 9:30AM

HIGHLIGHTS: According to a new survey, the worst body language mistakes you can make in a job interview are not making enough eye contact . . . not smiling . . . fidgeting with something on the table . . . fidgeting in your seat . . . and crossing your arms.

FULL STORY: A new survey asked more than 2,000 hiring managers for the biggest body language mistakes people make in job interviews. And number one by far was not making enough eye contact. Here are the top ten . . .

1. Not enough eye contact. Two-thirds of H.R. reps said it can ruin your chances.

2. Not smiling. Especially right when you meet the person who's interviewing you.

3. Fidgeting with something on the table, like a pen. It makes you seem nervous.

4. Fidgeting too much in your seat. Again, you'll look nervous if you can't sit still.

5. Crossing your arms in front of your chest. It makes you seem defensive.

6. Having bad posture. You look more confident when you stand up straight.

7. Playing with your hair, or touching your face too much. Again, you look nervous.

8. Having a weak handshake. It makes you seem like you're not very confident.

9. Gesturing with your hands a lot when you talk. A little bit is good, but not too much.

10. Having a handshake that's too strong. So you don't want a limp handshake . . . but you also don't want to break every bone in their hand.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Dec 9 2016 9:02AM

HIGHLIGHTS:  "Men's Fitness" released some tips for awkward holiday situations.  They include:  If you get too drunk at the office party, go in to work early to apologize to anyone you might have offended.  And if you get a gift from someone you hadn't prepared for, make sure to put them at the top of your list for next year.



FULL STORY:  Here are four awkward holiday party situations, and how to deal with them . . .



1.  You get too drunk at the office party.  If it was something minor and you didn't make a TOTAL ass of yourself, the best thing to do is lay low, go in to work early the next work day, and don't bring it up unless someone else does.



But if it was something bigger, you should own up to it and apologize to anyone you might have offended.  And if your DATE was the one who hit the open bar too hard, explain that she wasn't feeling well and acted out of character . . . and leave it at that.



2.  You get a present and don't have one to give in return.  The best way to handle it is to thank the person profusely, explain how much you love the gift, then put them at the top of your list for next year. 



3.  You're getting grilled about politics at dinner.  Diffuse the situation by asking the person questions about themselves instead of getting in a political back-and-forth and potentially escalating the conversation.



4.  You're double-booked to two holiday parties.  It's tempting to lie and say you're sick, but the better option is to be honest and let one of the hosts know as soon as possible.  Then a few days later, call or text them, remind them how sad you were to have missed it, and set up a time in January to get together

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by Lou Bartelli posted Nov 18 2016 12:51PM

HIGHLIGHTS:  A new study found Facebook can actually help you get a job interview . . . IF you look good in your photos.  People who have attractive photos got 39% more interviews and were 21% more likely to get positive feedback.



FULL STORY:  If you're planning to start applying for jobs in January, you might consider DELETING your social media presence so it doesn't tank you.  But here's what you should really do:  Change your profile picture to something nice and SEXY.



A new study by Ghent University in Belgium found that having a public Facebook page can HELP you get a job interview . . . but there's a catch.  It only helps if you look good in your profile pictures.



The study found that people with attractive photos got 39% more interviews and were 21% more likely to get positive feedback. 



They didn't calculate how many of those people actually got the jobs . . . but since it's a numbers game, the more interviews you get, the better your chances are of getting hired somewhere. 

by Lou Bartelli posted Nov 16 2016 10:16AM

HIGHLIGHTS:  The 2017 "People's Choice Awards" nominations are out, and Kevin Hart has the most with five.  Drake and Rihanna got four each.  CBS will air the ceremony live on January 18th.  There's no word on a host yet.



FULL STORY:  The nominees for the 2017 "People's Choice Awards" were released yesterday, and Kevin Hart leads the way with five nominations.  There are a ridiculous 64 categories in all, but here's a rundown of the biggest ones . . .



Favorite Movie:


"Captain America: Civil War"


"Finding Dory"

"Suicide Squad"




Favorite Movie Actor:


Kevin Hart

Robert Downey Jr.

Ryan Reynolds

Tom Hanks

Will Smith



Favorite Movie Actress:


Anna Kendrick

Jennifer Lawrence

Margot Robbie

Melissa McCarthy

Scarlett Johansson



Favorite Animated Movie Voice:


Bill Murray in "The Jungle Book"

Ellen DeGeneres in "Finding Dory"

Ginnifer Goodwin in "Zootopia"

Jason Bateman in "Zootopia"

Kevin Hart in "The Secret Life of Pets"



Favorite Comedic Movie:


"Bad Moms"

"Central Intelligence"


"How to Be Single"

"Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising"



Favorite Dramatic Movie:


"Deepwater Horizon"

"Me Before You"

"Miracles from Heaven"

"Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children"




Favorite Family Movie:


"Alice Through the Looking Glass"

"Finding Dory"

"The Jungle Book"

"The Secret Life of Pets"




Favorite TV Show:


"The Big Bang Theory"

"Grey's Anatomy"


"Stranger Things"

"The Walking Dead"



Favorite Competition TV Show:


"America's Got Talent"

"American Ninja Warrior"

"Dancing with the Stars"


"The Voice"



Favorite Daytime TV Host:


Dr. Phil

Ellen DeGeneres

Kelly Ripa

Rachael Ray

Steve Harvey



Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host:


Conan O'Brien

James Corden

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Kimmel

Stephen Colbert

by Lou Bartelli posted Nov 9 2016 9:18AM

Four Election Coverage Gaffes and Other Ridiculousness


1.  Fox News' SHEP SMITH dropped his CHAPSTICK and picked it up on the air last night.  That led to a bizarre back-and-forth with co-anchor Chris Wallace, who giggled and made fun of him for his chapstick "fetish."  (Jezebel.com has video.)




2.  CNN's WOLF BLITZER got tongue-tied and called DONALD TRUMP "Donald Drumpf," the name that JOHN OLIVER gave him earlier this year.  (Here's a clip.)




3.  For whatever reason, MSNBC's CHRIS MATTHEWS told a story about how John F. Kennedy allegedly went to go see a "porn movie" during a West Virginia primary.



He was talking about how politicians prefer not to watch the news while their election results are coming in.



Rachel Maddow asked WHY JFK went to the naughty theater, and Chris said, quote, "They tried to go to a nice one, but it was closed."  (Here's video.)




4.  "Variety" put out a list of the '15 Biggest Winners and Losers in the Media from Election 2016.'  The winners include Megyn KellySamantha Bee, and Chris Wallace.  And the losers include Billy BushMatt Lauer, and Jimmy Fallon

by Lou Bartelli posted Oct 25 2016 9:08AM


1.  The World Series starts TONIGHT in Cleveland, and Vegas sportsbooks have the Chicago Cubs as heavy favorites to beat the Indians.  You'd have to bet $175 on the Cubs to win $100 . . . while a $100 bet on the Indians would get you $155.



ESPN asked their panel of "experts" who they thought would win, and 26 of them went with the Cubs.  Only six think Cleveland can do it.  (CleveScene.com has a rundown of more predictions, all of which favor the Cubs.)




2.  Boston University has sent the Cleveland Indians some dirt from Braves Field, which is the site of their last World Series title in 1948.  (Here's a photo.)




3.  Some Cleveland fans are hoping to keep the Cubs curse alive by bringing GOATS to the stadium.  Apparently, they're just walking around outside the gates hoping to conjure the Curse of the Billy Goat.



If you're not familiar, legend has it that the owner of a bar called the Billy Goat Tavern showed up at Wrigley Field during their last World Series appearance in 1945 WITH A GOAT, and wasn't allowed to stay . . . even though he had a ticket for the goat.  So he allegedly said, quote, "Them Cubs, they ain't gonna win no more."



(This History.com link has the whole story of the curse if you're interested.)




4.  There's a petition going around demanding that BOB UECKER replace JOE BUCK on the World Series broadcasts.  Bob is 82 years old, and he's actually still active calling games for the Milwaukee Brewers.



The idea came up because Bob played an Indians broadcaster in the "Major League" movies.  That's not likely to happen, but it would be nice if Uecker at least shows up in the announcers' booth at some point.




5.  Speaking of things that won't happen, a "Chicago Tribune" columnist thinks they should let STEVE BARTMAN throw out the first pitch in Chicago.




6.  As you might imagine, World Series tickets are going for insane prices on the secondary market . . . especially for seats at Wrigley.

by Lou Bartelli posted Oct 10 2016 7:57AM

This sounds like a great way to break your brand new iPhone.



Apparently the hot new social media trend is taking a selfie where you're high fiving yourself.  And since that means you can't use your hands, it takes some skill to pull it off.



It seems like the best strategy is to set your photo timer . . . toss your phone in the air . . . high five yourself, so you're clapping your hands together like you're praying . . . and hope you get a photo of the high five as it falls.

by Lou Bartelli posted Jun 29 2016 10:03AM

HIGHLIGHTS:  A website just found the best and worst cities for celebrating the Fourth of July, using criteria like the weather, beer prices, and the number of fireworks shows.  The best city is Seattle, Washington . . . and the worst is Laredo, Texas.



FULL STORY:  It's easy to have a good Fourth of July.  I just need good weather, about 35 beers, and a fireworks show that looks like it could blow up the moon.  So what city is going to NAIL that?



WalletHub.com just ranked the 100 biggest cities in the country from the best to worst place to celebrate the Fourth of July, based on things like the weather forecast, parks, whether fireworks are legal, the number of fireworks shows, and beer prices.



And the best place to be on the Fourth of July is . . . Seattle, Washington.  The rest of the 10 best cities are:



Minneapolis, Minnesota . . . New Orleans, Louisiana . . . Washington D.C. . . . Portland, Oregon . . . St. Louis, Missouri . . . San Diego, California . . . Milwaukee, Wisconsin . . . San Francisco, California . . . and Orlando, Florida.



The worst city for the Fourth of July is . . . Laredo, Texas.  The rest of the 10 worst are:



North Las Vegas, Nevada . . . Irving, Texas . . . Gilbert, Arizona . . . San Bernardino, California . . . Arlington, Texas . . . Garland, Texas . . . Newark, New Jersey . . . Riverside, California . . . and Mesa, Arizona

by Lou Bartelli posted Jun 27 2016 8:59AM

HIGHLIGHTS:  Here are five signs your kids aren't drinking enough water:  They have dry skin . . . they get lots of cramps . . . they feel hot all the time . . . they're constipated . . . and they feel bad in general, but they're not sick.



FULL STORY:  A recent study found 75% of kids don't drink enough water.  And it's even more important this time of year, so here are five signs your kids might be dehydrated . . .



1.  Dry skin.  When you're REALLY dehydrated, your skin loses its elasticity.  So it doesn't bounce back when you pinch it.  But even being a LITTLE dehydrated can cause dry skin, chapped lips, dry mouth, and brittle nails.



2.  They get a lot of cramps.  It probably means they're dehydrated and low on potassium and magnesium.  So they should drink more water, and eat things that are high in those two minerals, like bananas and leafy greens.



3.  They say they feel hot all the time.  It's harder to regulate your body temperature when you're dehydrated, so you start overheating.  So obviously make sure they drink plenty of water if they're outside in the sun.



4.  They're constipated.  Obviously dark urine is a sign you're dehydrated.  But your intestines also need water to digest food, and a lot of people who think they need a laxative really just need water.



5.  They feel terrible in general, but they're not sick.  Being dehydrated can cause headaches and general fatigue.  And sometimes mild cold symptoms are really just a sign you're dehydrated

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by Lou Bartelli posted Jun 21 2016 9:46AM

If you're wondering why everyone seems to love IPAs, but you think they're way too bitter, maybe you should stop drinking them while you listen to weird Norwegian death metal.



A new study found that the music you listen to while you drink beer actually affects how it tastes.  Like, if you're listening to a Disney movie soundtrack, beer tastes sweeter.  If you're listening to something with a lot of angry bass, it tastes more bitter.



The researchers say it's probably because you mentally transfer the emotions you feel from the music over to the beer. 






Related Comedy:  A new study says listening to different types of music can affect how your beer tastes.  I was wondering why the PBR seemed stale at the Foghat concert!

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by Lou Bartelli posted Jun 20 2016 9:28AM

Here's the answer for everyone who's wanted to take down a full bottle of wine at home, but felt bad about drinking alone.  Now you can get your CATS in on the action.



A company out of Colorado just introduced America's first WINE FOR CATS.  There's been a cat wine on sale in Japan for a few years, but it was made out of grapes, which can be dangerous for cats . . . so it never made it over here.



But this all-American cat wine is made out of beets, which are safe.  And no, it doesn't have alcohol in it.  You can buy it online atApolloPeak.com, starting at $5 for a small bottle.

by Lou Bartelli posted Jun 16 2016 9:51AM

HIGHLIGHTS:  A new survey found the professions we trust the least.  The top 10 includes car salesmen . . . people on Wall Street . . . politicians . . . and journalists.



FULL STORY:  We've got the results of a survey here that asked people what professions they trust the LEAST . . . and man, there are SO many options, I don't know how they stopped at just the top 10.  Here are the results . . .



1.  Car salesmen.


2.  People in advertising.


3.  Real estate agents.


4.  Insurance brokers.


5.  Union leaders.


6.  Wall Street workers.


7.  Local and state politicians.


8.  National politicians.


9.  TV journalists.


10.  Newspaper journalists.



So who DO we trust?  People in medicine, apparently.  The three professions we have the most faith in are nurses . . . doctors . . . and pharmacists

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