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by Lou Bartelli posted May 26 2016 9:49AM

HIGHLIGHTS: Here are five mistakes you might be making on the grill: Use newspaper instead of lighter fluid to get charcoal burning . . . make sure the grill is super hot, especially for steak . . . don't use direct heat all the time . . . don't mess with the meat . . . and don't cook two types of meat at the same time.

FULL STORY: We found a list online of mistakes you might be making on the grill. And we've seen some before, like don't grill steaks while they're still cold. They should be at room temperature. But here are five more tips that might help you out this weekend . . .

1. Don't use too much lighter fluid. Put newspaper under the charcoal, and use THAT to get them started. Or if you have to use it, let the charcoal burn for about 30 minutes to burn it off. Otherwise your food might end up tasting like lighter fluid.

2. Make sure the grill is super hot, especially for steak. You want it to sear the outside. If you slow-cook steaks with the lid down, you basically end up steaming them, and they'll turn out dry.

3. Don't use direct heat all the time. Once they're seared on the outside, move them to the edge of the grill, so they don't get burnt.

4. Don't move the meat around too much. Let it sit for about four minutes after you put it on. And don't poke it or push down on it with tongs, because it makes all the juices leak out.

5. Don't cook too many things at once. If you cook two types of meat at the same time, the flavors end up transferring. And if the entire grill is full, you won't be able to move things to the edge of the grill when you need to

by Lou Bartelli posted May 25 2016 9:19AM

HIGHLIGHTS: A new study found that for the first time ever, more young adults are living with their parents than anywhere else. 32.1% of people between 18 and 34 now live back at home.

FULL STORY: I'm not sure there's ANY shame left with moving back in with your parents. And if it IS a little taboo, people sure don't care.

A new study found that for the first time ever, more young adults are living with their parents than anywhere else.

32.1% of people between 18 and 34 years old now live back at home. And that's slightly more than the 31.6% who live with a significant other.

The Census Bureau started keeping records on people's living situations in 1880, and there have NEVER been more young people living at home than living with someone else until now.

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by Lou Bartelli posted May 24 2016 9:11AM

Once your kid learns what an iPhone is, they start asking for one. So how long can you hold them off?

According to a new study, the average American kid now gets their first smart phone when they're only TEN. It's actually 10 years and four months, to be specific.

And they get their first social media account when they're 11.

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by Lou Bartelli posted May 20 2016 9:02AM

HIGHLIGHTS: According to a new survey, the most annoying things people do in your car are backseat driving . . . being a bad navigator . . . and hogging the RADIO.

FULL STORY: Expedia released a survey this week about the most annoying things other drivers do. And texting took the top spot for the third year in a row.

Now here are the five most annoying things PASSENGERS do . . .

1. Backseat driving. 61% of people in the survey said it's the most annoying thing you can do when you're a passenger.

2. Being a bad navigator, 11%. But don't we all just use GPS now?

3. Hogging the radio, 9%. Especially if you're listening to OUR show, and they try to change the station.

4. Falling asleep, 6%. Especially if you're on a long road trip, because you've got no one to talk to.

5. Taking your shoes off, 5%. And it's even worse if you put your feet up on the dashboard . . . and then fall ASLEEP

by Lou Bartelli posted May 19 2016 5:56AM

HIGHLIGHTS: According to a new survey, people who text are the most annoying drivers . . . followed by people who tailgate, and people who try to cut to the front of the line at an exit.

FULL STORY: What's the most annoying thing other drivers do? Well, Expedia asked over 1,000 people, and people who TEXT and drive took the top spot for the third year in a row.

14% of people admitted they sometimes do it . . . which means 86% of people are liars. Here are the ten most annoying drivers on the road.

1. People who text and drive. 22% said they're the most annoying type of driver.

2. People who tailgate, 14%.

3. People who skip the line at an exit, go to the front, and THEN merge, 13%.

4. People who drive slow in the left lane, 11%.

5. People who drive below the speed limit, 8%.

6. People who multitask while they're driving, 8%. But 37% admitted they've done it.

7. People who don't use turn signals, 8%.

8. People who speed, only 5%.

9. People who drift between lanes, 5%.

10. People who honk when they don't really need to, 3%. Also, 48% of people said they've been flipped off . . . 35% have been yelled or cursed at . . . and 9% have gotten into a physical FIGHT with another driver

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by Lou Bartelli posted May 18 2016 9:45AM

HIGHLIGHTS: A new study found the key to a good relationship is putting down your phone, and doing two things instead . . . spending quality time face-to-face, and being affectionate.

FULL STORY: I know that telling you to put down your phone is like telling you to chop off your left arm . . . but you REALLY should do it once in a while.

A new study found that the key to a successful relationship is putting down your phone and doing two things instead: Spending quality time face-to-face . . . and being affectionate.

The researchers say, quote, "No amount of texting can compensate for a lack of either of those factors."

But here's the problem. Most of us are tighter with our phones than our partners.

Another survey just found that 53% of people admit that they spend more time on their phone than with their significant other . . . and two-thirds of us get distracted by our phones in the middle of conversations.

by Lou Bartelli posted May 17 2016 9:14AM

HIGHLIGHTS: According to a new survey, 80% of people think they're GREAT at taking photos. And the top three things we take pictures of are parties, our pets, and ourselves.

FULL STORY: According to a new survey, 80% of people think they're GREAT at taking photos. But you know, just because your last Instagram photo got 23 likes doesn't mean you understand composition or aperture.

Here are five more results from the survey on our obsession with constantly taking photos of everything these days.

1. 55% of people say they take pictures of their food, and 27% share those pictures to make other people jealous.

2. The most popular food to take photos of is ice cream. Pizza came in second.

3. One out of four people take around 300 pictures a month.

4. The top three things we take photos of are parties and family events . . . our pets . . . and ourselves.

5. And finally, only 16% of people take pictures at the gym

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by Lou Bartelli posted May 12 2016 9:06AM

HIGHLIGHTS: A new study found parents can only predict if their kid is lying to them about half the time. They're much more likely to assume their kid is telling them the truth, even when that's wrong.

FULL STORY: Remember when you were a kid and you'd constantly LIE to your parents . . . and they'd almost never figure out the truth? What makes you think your dynamic with YOUR kid is any different?

A new study found that parents pretty much no idea when their kids are lying and when they're telling the truth.

The researchers had parents watch videos of their kid either telling a lie or telling the truth . . . and they found that the parents could only predict if their kid was lying or not slightly over half the time.

In other words, you might as well just flip a coin to decide whether your kid is being honest with you.

And that's the problem . . . we REALLY want them to be honest. The parents were far more likely to guess that their kids were telling the truth even though half the videos showed kids lying.

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by Lou Bartelli posted May 11 2016 8:48AM

HIGHLIGHTS: Here's a trick to help you calm down when you're angry or nervous. Take a few deep breaths, but breathe OUT for twice as long as you breathe in. So if you breathe in for four seconds, breathe out slowly for eight.

FULL STORY: If you ever feel angry or nervous, a few deep breaths can help. But apparently this makes it work even better . . .

Jane McGonigal is a senior researcher at a place outside San Francisco called the Institute for the Future. And she calls it the "power breath" technique.

She says that when you're taking those deep breaths, you should breathe out for twice as long as you breathe in.

So if you breathe in for four seconds, breathe out slowly for eight seconds. Or if you're worked up, you might be breathing faster than that. But the same rule applies. If you breathe in for two seconds, breathe out for four. Then try to breathe slower and slower.

Apparently it works better than just deep breathing, because it's how we normally breathe when we're relaxed.

So it tricks your body into thinking you ARE relaxed. And it can help with things like panic attacks, and even muscle spasms

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People : Jane McGonigal
by Lou Bartelli posted May 10 2016 9:39AM

HIGHLIGHTS: Here are four tips for cleaning your phone: Turn it off, so you don't dial someone . . . spray the cloth, not the screen . . . use a microfiber cloth, because tissues can scratch it . . . and don't use household cleaners, because they can remove the coating that prevents smudges.

FULL STORY: Your phone is actually the dirtiest thing you touch all day. And you touch it ALL DAY. So here are four tips to make sure you clean it right.

1. Turn it off first. Not because you'll get shocked. You might mess with your settings or dial someone by mistake.

2. Use a solution that's half water and vinegar, or half water and rubbing alcohol. Or buy a spray bottle of stuff that's specifically designed for phones. DON'T use household cleaners like Windex.

Smartphones have something called an oleophobic coating to prevent smudge marks. And the chemicals in household cleaners can remove it. (It's pronounced oh-lee-uh-FO-bick).

3. Don't spray liquid directly on the screen. It's safer to spray the cloth you're using and THEN wipe it down. Just make sure you don't saturate it too much, because even a little bit of liquid can mess your phone up if it gets inside.

4. Don't use paper towels or any type of cloth that might have lint on it. Things like tissues or toilet paper SEEM soft enough, but even those can scratch your screen. So always use a microfiber cloth.

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by Lou Bartelli posted May 9 2016 7:12AM

HIGHLIGHTS: The best time to have a job interview is between 9:00 and 11:00 A.M. . . . and 43% of bosses know if they're going to hire someone in 10 minutes or less.

FULL STORY: Next time you get a job interview, do WHATEVER it takes to schedule it for the morning . . . or you won't get the job.

A new survey asked more than 2,200 bosses to pick the best time of the day for interviews. And 61% said it's between 9:00 and 11:00 A.M. No other time came anywhere CLOSE to that.

The second-best time is either before 9:00 A.M., or between 11:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. But any other time in the afternoon is more or less a death sentence.

They also found that 43% of bosses pretty much know whether or not they're going to hire someone in 10 minutes or less.

And that includes 4% who make up their minds in less than five minutes.

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by Lou Bartelli posted May 5 2016 5:45AM

HIGHLIGHTS: According to a neurologist, here are five ways to keep your brain sharp as you age: Stay social . . . challenge your brain with things like crossword puzzles . . . don't stress too much . . . exercise . . . and stop eating empty calories.

FULL STORY: Someone recently asked a neurologist to name the top five things we should be doing to keep our brains sharp as we get older. Here's what he said . . .

1. Keep socializing. You're less likely to suffer memory loss as you get older if you have a social life. So pick hobbies that involve other people, not just stuff you do by yourself.

2. Challenge your brain. Read, play games, and do crossword puzzles. And try something NEW every once in a while, like learning a new instrument or another language.

3. Don't stress out too much. A ton of studies have found that too much stress can have long-term effects on your memory and your decision-making skills.

4. Exercise. It improves blood flow to your brain, which helps you stay focused. And it also helps with memory.

5. Stop eating empty calories. Your brain works best when your diet is high in protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, which you can get from whole grains.

And a new study that came out this week found that even if you're not overweight, cutting calories can improve your mood, your quality of sleep, and your libido.

by Lou Bartelli posted May 4 2016 10:09AM

HIGHLIGHTS: A new survey found the average woman has 103 things in her closet but she only wears 10 or 11 of them. Also, women HATE 21% of their clothes.

FULL STORY: Most women own a ton of clothes. But that doesn't mean they actually wear them.

A new survey found the average woman has 103 things in her closet. BUT . . .

1. She thinks 33% are too tight.

2. 24% are too loose.

3. She just flat out HATES 21% of them.

4. And 12% are brand new with the tags still on.

5. That only leaves 10% that she actually likes and wears . . . about 10 or 11 things. Out of A HUNDRED AND THREE things.

But that's not all. The survey also found 47% of women say they struggle picking out what to wear to work, and 10% feel DEPRESSED when they open their closet. (The survey didn't look into men's closets.)

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by Lou Bartelli posted May 3 2016 9:18AM

HIGHLIGHTS: According to a new survey, the average bridesmaid spends $642 on the bachelorette party and their dress. But groomsmen spend $926 on the bachelor party and their suit. So, $284 more than women.

FULL STORY: When you're a bridesmaid, you spend all morning getting your hair and make-up done. Meanwhile the groomsmen just hang out and get ready in 20 minutes if they need to. So this kind of evens things out . . .

According to a new survey, it actually costs MORE to be a groomsman than a bridesmaid. Here are five stats from the survey . . .

1. The average bridesmaid spends $215 on her dress, and $427 on the bachelorette party. That includes everything from travel expenses to alcohol. So that's $642.

2. The average groomsman spends $245 on his suit, and $681 on the bachelor party. So that's $926 total, which is $284 MORE than women spend . . . mostly because guys splurge more on the bachelor party.

3. The average best man spends almost twice as much on the bachelor party as the maid of honor spends on the bachelorette. $999 compared to $552.

4. 31% of groomsmen also spend at least $200 on a wedding gift, compared to just 20% of bridesmaids. And somehow, guys even spend slightly more on incidentals, like shoes and haircuts.

5. But in general, women are a little more likely to go over-budget when they're in a wedding. 32% end up spending more than they expect to, compared to 28% of men

by Lou Bartelli posted May 2 2016 9:49AM

HIGHLIGHTS: A new book says people without kids should get maternity leave too, just to be fair . . . and the writer is a WOMAN. But there was such a big backlash she skipped an interview on "Good Morning America" on Friday.

FULL STORY: 38-year-old Meghann Foye is a writer who's never had kids. And she has a new book called "Meternity" that pushes for EVERYONE to get a few months off for maternity leave. Even if they've never had kids . . . because it's only fair.

She told the "New York Post" she was jealous of all her friends who'd get time off when they had a baby, because they'd come back more sure of themselves. And that having kids was the only path that provided flexibility at work.

Quote, "There's something about saying, 'I need to go pick up my child' as a reason to leave the office on time that has far more gravitas than, 'My best friend got ghosted by her OkCupid date and needs a margarita,' but both sides are valid."

Well . . . it's safe to say that she didn't find a lot of allies after the article came out.

The main issue people had on social media is that she seemed to confuse maternity leave with a vacation, when it's literally the opposite: It's the most sleep-deprived, stressful time in someone's life. Going BACK to work actually feels like the vacation.

In fact, the backlash was so strong she skipped an interview on "Good Morning America" on Friday. Yikes. I hope one of her friends left work to grab a margarita with her?

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