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The Beatle Butcher Cover

by Admin posted Apr 29 2014 10:22AM
Beatle Butcher Cover
Beatle fans can now have their own piece of Beatle history in their own stick on butcher cover.The butcher cover had the Fab Four dressed in butcher coats and with arms and legs all around.The butcher cover is the most sought after album cover of all time..some collectors will pay up to 10,000 for a pristine cover. The Cheaper stick on version is available in the Yesterday and Today album. Capital Records has just released all of their American LPs with both mono and Stereo versions of the songs and the Butcher stick on cover.

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04/29/2014 10:22AM
The Beatle Butcher Cover
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04/29/2014 12:31PM
Did you hear they broke up?
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