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by Brian Stephenson posted Feb 27 2015 11:54AM

Leonard Nimoy, the actor, author and director best known for his portrayal of the ultra-logical character Spock in the TV series Star Trek, has died at the age of 83.

His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed to the New York Times that her husband died Friday morning at their Los Angeles home of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Nimoy said last year that he had been diagnosed with lung disease and was "doing OK."

Nimoy's poignant last tweet, sent on Feb. 22, reads, "A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory."

"I loved him like a brother," co-star William Shatner said Friday. "We will all miss his humour, his talent, and his capacity to love."

Co-star George Takei shared his condolences on Facebook Friday afternoon.

"Today, the world lost a great man, and I lost a great friend. We return you now to the stars, Leonard ... I shall miss you in so many, many ways," he wrote.

"Leonard Nimoy truly did live long and prosper. To celebrate his life and work, let us share in some of his best moments as the character we all took into our hearts, Mr. Spock."

Read more from CBC here: 

by Brian Stephenson posted Feb 26 2015 10:00AM
Jimmy Riffle of "The Gator Boys" will be at the CWHBA Home & Garden Show this weekend in the Sundome. He stopped by Cherry FM to chat with Brian & Lou this morning. Listen to win tickets tomorrow morning at 7:20.

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Get ticket information HERE    

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by Brian Stephenson posted Feb 25 2015 11:55AM
Win tickets to the CWHBA Home & Garden Show this weekend in the Sundome - with Brian & Lou "The Waking Crew" - 7:20am all this week!

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by Brian Stephenson posted Feb 24 2015 12:44PM

A Woman Got Famous on YouTube, and Now Her Twin Daughters Are Too


A woman named Mindy McKnight runs a YouTube channel called "Cute Girl Hairstyles" that gives step-by-step instructions for crazy hairdos.


She's racked up more than three million subscribers over the past six years.  And now her 14-year-old twin DAUGHTERS are YouTube celebrities too.


They've been in a lot of their mom's videos.  But they also have a channel of their own called Brooklyn and Bailey, which recently passed the one-million-subscriber mark. 

They post one video a week, and mostly do pointless things for kids to watch.  Like their latest video, where they blindfold each other . . . taste stuff . . . and try to guess what it is.

by Brian Stephenson posted Feb 23 2015 1:17PM


An Octopus Jumps Out of the Water to Eat a Crab


Here's something you probably didn't know:  An octopus will sometimes jump OUT of the water to go after food.


Someone in Australia was filming a crab walking across a rock recently.  And out of nowhere, an octopus jumped out of a tidal pool and snagged it.

Circle of life.


by Brian Stephenson posted Feb 20 2015 12:19PM
JOHN GREEN wrote the novel "The Fault in Our Stars", which inspired the movie that came out last year. And he's also HUGE on YouTube. He and his brother Hank run a YouTube channel called VlogBrothers. Back in 2007, they did something called the "Brotherhood 2.0 Project," where they didn't text each other for a whole year, and only communicated through video blogs. Which is when they started to get a following. And now they post videos about WHATEVER, and 2.5 million people subscribe. Hank was also one of three YouTube celebrities who got to interview President Obama last month.

by Brian Stephenson posted Feb 19 2015 1:00PM

A guy in Bethesda, Maryland who has WAY too much time on his hands built a motorized TOILET for a parade last summer.  It's basically a toilet on top of a wooden box with wheels on it.


And now a video of him using it in front of his hardware store is making the rounds of Facebook . . . because he added a SNOWPLOW.  (Search for "David Goldberg - Heads Up."  Notice the poor schmoe at the end using a shovel.  What a loser!)

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by Brian Stephenson posted Feb 19 2015 12:55PM

A woman named Deva Dalporto lives just south of San Francisco, and runs a YouTube channel called "My Life Suckers", where she posts song parodies that usually have something to do with her kids. I just subscribed to it because it's FULL of really funny stuff!



And her newest one is all about living in the suburbs.  It's a parody of "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson andBruno Mars . . . called "Suburban Funk".

Have you ever thought of trying to become a YouTube Sensation?! 
by Admin posted Apr 29 2014 10:22AM
Beatle Butcher Cover
Beatle fans can now have their own piece of Beatle history in their own stick on butcher cover.The butcher cover had the Fab Four dressed in butcher coats and with arms and legs all around.The butcher cover is the most sought after album cover of all time..some collectors will pay up to 10,000 for a pristine cover. The Cheaper stick on version is available in the Yesterday and Today album. Capital Records has just released all of their American LPs with both mono and Stereo versions of the songs and the Butcher stick on cover.

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by Brian Stephenson posted Apr 24 2014 11:11AM
I found this article along with the video - which has gone viral in the past few days. It's very powerful on several levels. Bottom line: it could happen to anyone. 

Speeding kills.

That's the message the New Zealand Transport Agency hopes viewers will take to heart after seeing their latest public service announcement. It serves as a stark reminder of what losing even a little extra reaction time can do.

In the ad, a man speeding down the road sees a car about to pull out in front of him. The two cars freeze as the drivers about to crash speak to one another. The driver about to be T-boned begs the speeding driver to avoid him, but he can't. He's going too fast. The ad ends reminding viewers to slow down. Other drivers make mistakes.

The video has now been viewed over 4 million times since it was posted six days ago. Commenters on the video seem to have taken the message to heart

"Sometimes I make mistakes, which is why I like reminders like this. Very well done," one YouTube user commented. "Driving time is boring time. Please help keep it that way."

"Crawls right under the skin," another posted.

Speeding is something we've all probably done behind the wheel, but speeding can kill. A 2009 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study found that speed is one of the most prevalent factors in car crashes. In 2007, 31 percent of all fatal crashes were speeding related, resulting in 13,040 fatalities.

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by Admin posted Feb 21 2014 10:31AM
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