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NHL Hockey: I Want to Like It - But I Still Don't Quite Understand It

by Brian Stephenson posted Jun 2 2014 2:59PM

Are you a hockey fan? Are you following the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs? Do you have a 'dog in the hunt' or has your team been long-since eliminated?

I am not a hockey fan.....but I think I want to be. Here's what I mean: I didn't grow up playing hockey. My Dad, who had a great influence on my love of sports, didn't follow hockey and so he didn't impart any of the all-important father-to-son-wisdom which one needs to develop such a fanship or interest. Basketball, football, baseball, boxing, Jai alai.....(okay, I was just seeing if you were paying attention on that one) golf, tennis but not hockey.

A few years ago, a close friend of mine, who grew up in Detroit, got me interested in hockey. He knows the game, loves the game and has a nice ability to explain in laymen's terms what things mean. So, even though it seems like the season and especially the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs go on for a year, I've been following it. And loving it. Such amazing athletes with such a broad range of skill sets and very few teeth.

Now, it's either L.A. or N.Y.  Probably good for TV revenue and ratings. Should be a good series.

I want to hear from you - post your comment below. Who's your favorite team? 


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06/02/2014 2:59PM
NHL Hockey: I Want to Like It - But I Still Don't Quite Understand It
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06/11/2014 11:33AM
Raymond Stone
Hello Brian. Will you be watching The World Cup from Brazil?
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