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by Lou Bartelli posted Oct 24 2016 11:53AM

HIGHLIGHTS: There's a new dating app called Date Miserable People that encourages people to stop LYING in their online dating profiles . . . and just be honest about everything that's wrong with them.

FULL STORY: Are you sick of putting on a fake smile and listing made-up hobbies in your online dating profile? This new app could be the answer to your prayers.

A company in Phoenix just launched a new dating app called Date Miserable People. And the entire goal is to match up people who are honest about their baggage, their self-loathing, and their flaws.

The guy who created it says it's a place where people with, quote, "not-so-perfect lives" can tell the truth without feeling like they're inadequate.

Quote, "The majority of sites, everybody's perfect. Everybody's got a beautiful picture, everybody loves to travel, everybody loves to hang out with their friends . . . but that's not who they really are."

Of course, like any new dating app, this is going to succeed or fail based on getting a ton of people to sign up and having some of them make connections . . . but we'll give them this: It's a new idea in a space where we thought there were no new ideas left.

If you're interested, you can go to to get started.

by Lou Bartelli posted Oct 19 2016 10:13AM

HIGHLIGHTS: A new study found the "how to" question each state Googles most. People in Texas ask "How to sell your soul" . . . people in Florida ask "How to get out of Florida" . . . and people in Indiana ask "How to Google something."

FULL STORY: Whenever you wanna know how to do ANYTHING, your first instinct is probably to type it in Google. But all that weird stuff you've been asking doesn't go unnoticed. just did a study on Google searches to see which "how to" questions each state asks more than anyone else. Here are eight of our favorites . . .

1. People in Texas are most likely to ask "How to sell your soul."

2. People in Kansas ask "How to find Kansas."

3. People in Ohio ask "How to make fire."

4. People in New York ask "How to explain mansplaining." That's quite a paradox.

5. People in Rhode Island ask "How to make an igloo."

6. People in Florida ask "How to get out of Florida."

7. People in Arizona ask "How to join the Illuminati."

8. And people in Indiana ask Google "How to Google something

by Lou Bartelli posted Oct 18 2016 9:52AM

FULL STORY: I know that men today focus more on style and grooming than men in the past . . . but I didn't see THIS coming.

According to a new survey, almost HALF of men shave or trim their leg hair.

52% of men say they leave their leg hair alone . . . 33% use a trimmer to cut theirs down . . . and 15% shave their legs completely.

So why are they doing it? The best theory is that they're trying to emulate two groups of guys who they admire: Athletes . . . and porn stars.

Some athletes HAVE to shave their leg hair, like swimmers and divers. And others keep it trim for that tiny edge in speed . . . or just to look better in shorts. Like . . . can you picture any NBA players with super hairy legs? I can't.

And not that you would know this, but porn stars ALSO keep themselves well groomed . . . if not totally hairless. So maybe guys have made the mental connection that a lack of body hair equals a ton of sex?

But the big question is . . . what do women think of it? Well, just over half of them DO like the idea of a man who shaves or trims his leg hair. Now you know

by Lou Bartelli posted Oct 17 2016 11:33AM

HIGHLIGHTS: A 72-year-old guy's house was damaged by flooding near Baton Rouge back in August. But now he has enough to fix it up AND retire, because he hit the lottery earlier this month for a million bucks.

FULL STORY: There's a 72-year-old guy outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana named James Lapeze, whose house was damaged by the floods back in August.

It's not clear how much damage he's dealing with, but some areas were totally devastated. About 40,000 homes were flooded, and 13 people died.

But now James and his wife should have more than enough money to fix up their place . . . because he just hit the lottery for a MILLION BUCKS.

He's been playing the lottery once a week for a while. And his Powerball ticket on October 1st matched five out of six numbers. So after taxes, they'll get about $700,000.

He says they'll also use some of the money to pay the rest of their house off. And then they'll still have enough left over so he can finally retire.

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