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by Brian Stephenson posted Aug 3 2015 9:56AM

Breaking news: Nerdy teenagers get better grades.

An economics professor at the University of Southern California analyzed more than 20,000 students to see if there was a correlation between their grades and their social lives.

And he found one very clear result: Kids who aren't popular with the opposite sex have GPAs that are an average of 0.4 points higher.

That's pretty significant. Like, a 3.3 GPA looks okay on a college application, while a 2.9 could be a deal breaker.

The theory is that kids who are popular with the opposite sex are less likely to pay attention in class or study at night . . . because they're so focused on trying to date.

And here's some MORE bad news for popular kids. Another new study from the University of Virginia found the "cool kids" in a school are more likely to wind up having alcohol, drug, and legal problems as adults.


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