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by Brian Stephenson posted May 22 2015 9:11AM
This is sort of gross and cute at the same time. I mean, what the dog does is gross - but the girl is cute.

"America's Funniest Home Videos"
posted a nine-second clip of a dog going to the bathroom. Then a little girl who looks about two-and-a-half runs up and starts patting it on the back . . . and yells, "Great job pooping!"

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by Brian Stephenson posted May 21 2015 9:16AM

I'm always looking for ways to dazzle my grandkids with something entertaining which will make them think that Papa's really cool. You know, while they're young and don't know any better, I can still pull that off.

Here's a good party trick . . . just don't burn your house down because that's NOT cool. Right after you blow out a candle, try lighting the trail of smoke coming off of it. If you do it right, the flame travels down the smoke, and relights the wick.

It works because the smoke has little bits of wax in it, and that's what's burning.

by Brian Stephenson posted May 20 2015 9:14AM

A guy named Bill Devaney recently proposed to his girlfriend Breanne on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Now the video of it is all over Facebook, because her mom was there and missed it . . . because she tripped on a rock and face-planted in the sand right before it happened.

Actually, Bill probably could have waited for her to get up. He didn't get down on one knee until she already had a face full of sand. But apparently he thought it would be funny to just go for it.

Then the mom kind of got a raw deal, because everyone started yelling at her for ruining the moment.

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by Brian Stephenson posted May 19 2015 8:04AM
I'm not sure how you teach a bird to do this, but some kid posted a video of his parrot sticking its head in his mouth . . . and pulling out a LOOSE TOOTH. According to the YouTube description, it's the fifth one it's pulled.

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by Brian Stephenson posted May 18 2015 8:51AM
A WSU Cougar pitcher hit a player for Arizona State with an inside pitch on Saturday. But instead of bouncing off him, the ball got wedged under his arm. So he just tossed it back to the pitcher. The best part is the announcer, who sounds like he should be calling WWE matches instead of baseball games.

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by Brian Stephenson posted May 15 2015 9:16AM

Amazing talent!

A composer in England named Ben Morfitt recently wrote a piece of music. Then he filmed himself playing all the different instruments in an orchestra, and combined them into one video. So it looks like it's an entire orchestra of just him.

by Brian Stephenson posted May 14 2015 8:46AM
There's a new video of a confused little kid seeing a payphone for the first time. He's about eight, and has no idea what he's looking at. Eventually he asks if it's an "old-fashioned" phone, and his mom can't stop laughing at him.
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by Brian Stephenson posted May 13 2015 9:17AM
Here's a somewhat strange 'feel good' story. Three years ago, a 19-year-old woman in St. Petersburg, Florida named Melissa Dohme was stabbed by her boyfriend 32 times . . . and survived. Then she started dating the paramedic who saved her, a guy named Cameron HILL.
And on Monday, they got engaged.
Melissa threw out the first pitch at a Rays-Yankees game, and Cameron was supposed to bring the ball out to her on the mound. But he also brought a ring . . . wrote, "Will you marry me?" on the ball . . . and she said yes.

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by Brian Stephenson posted May 12 2015 9:30AM
​Back when I was a kid - 'flip-flops' were called "thongs". I have often relished grossing my kids out by insisting that they get me new thongs for father's day.

I'm okay with wearing flip-flops all the time . . .IF you buy new ones every few months, or at least wash them. When every enclosed space you're in smells like feet, it's time.

But here are six times you should NEVER wear flip-flops . . .
  • 1. When you're walking your dog. A study in 2009 found 18,000 different types of bacteria on one pair of flip-flops, including fecal matter. Your shoes get covered with bacteria too, but just on the outside.
  • 2. Any time you're walking a long way, or might have to run. A 2008 study found that flip-flops make you take shorter strides, so you're more likely to fall. And it can also lead to problems with your knees, hips, ankles, and spine.
  • 3. When you're mowing the lawn . . . for obvious reasons. Actually, you should wear shoes for pretty much any type of yard work.
  • 4. When you're cooking. You have to worry about things like boiling water, grease splatters, and knives you might drop.
  • 5. Anywhere that's crowded. Eventually some guy in steel-toed boots will step on your foot, and you'll understand why. And again . . . you have to worry about the foot smell.
  • 6. When you're driving. It's not actually illegal, that's a myth. But a lot of people think it SHOULDbe, because they can fall off and get wedged under the pedals.
​Here's to fabulous foot health!
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by Brian Stephenson posted May 11 2015 8:46AM
A 15
second video of a guy jumping from ledge to ledge on the 43
rd story of a building
has gotten over a million hits on YouTube. He shot it with a GoPro strapped to his
head, so it's one of those videos that gives you vertigo just watching it
A 15-second video of a guy jumping from ledge to ledge on the 43rd story of a building has gotten over a million hits on YouTube. He shot it with a GoPro strapped to his head, so it's one of those videos that gives you vertigo just watching it.

by Brian Stephenson posted May 8 2015 8:46AM

A video of a 29-year-old Army captain named Sarah Cudd is all over Facebook right now. She was doing a training exercise last month at Fort Dix in New Jersey, and had three hours to walk 12 miles with 35 pounds strapped to her back.

And right before the finish line, her legs gave out on her. She fell on the ground, and it looked like she might not be able to get back up.

But then a bunch of other soldiers started yelling for her to keep going . . . she made it back to her feet somehow. She finished with about 13 minutes to spare, and that was the last qualification for her to earn her Expert Field Medic Badge.

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by Brian Stephenson posted May 7 2015 9:15AM

Several members of The Harlem Globetrotters got to meet The Pope in Italy yesterday, and gave him a jersey with his name on the back. And there's a video of them teaching him how to spin a basketball on his finger.

He only managed to do it for about half-a-second though.

by Brian Stephenson posted May 6 2015 9:21AM
What happens when mascots play a soccer match? Watch.

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by Brian Stephenson posted May 5 2015 8:08AM
There's a video making the rounds online of a Los Angeles Dodgers fan catching a home run . . . WHILE he was filming it. He really put a lot of production into the presentation - but hey, it's L.A. - what would you expect?

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by Brian Stephenson posted May 4 2015 8:49AM

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by Brian Stephenson posted May 4 2015 8:09AM

A city council member in Georgetown, Texas left to use the bathroom during a recent meeting, and forgot to turn his MICROPHONE off . . . so you could hear him relieving himself. And the mayor couldn't stop laughing about it.

She was in the middle of talking about how deadly antibiotic-resistant diseases are, and how people she knows have been affected by them. So she tried to keep it together . . . and almost did.

But then she heard him flush, and lost it again. The video also shows him walk back in at the end . . . and you never hear him wash his hands. Eweeeeeeee!

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by Brian Stephenson posted May 1 2015 8:43AM
Don't miss the Cookie Beam Invitational Golf Tournament, Friday, May 8th at Suntides Golf Course. It's to benefit the many programs, services and outreach throughout the community which Wellness House provides. Join Cherry FM and Radio Yakima and put a team together.

It's just $95 per person and includes: 18 holes of golf, golf cart, sack lunch and a BBQ dinner plus prizes and lots of FUN!

For information call 575-6686.

Here's a link to all the details:

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