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by Lou Bartelli posted May 22 2017 10:44AM

FULL STORY: If you just checked out of social media for good, it would almost definitely make your life better. But . . . none of us will do it. We're social media masochists, all of us.

A new study looked at the effect that the biggest social networks had on us and it found that it's pretty damn negative.

Instagram makes people feel the WORST. Why? Everyone shares photos that make it look like they're having an amazing time while you're not . . . plus the filters make them look more attractive than they are, which makes you insecure.

Snapchat makes us feel the second-worst . . . Facebook is third . . . Twitter is fourth . . . and YouTube is last.

YouTube is the only one that sometimes actually made people feel BETTER about themselves.

by Lou Bartelli posted May 18 2017 10:44AM

FULL STORY: Beauty sleep sounds like something "Good Housekeeping" magazine made up back in 1956 and put in a list of tips for women like "Always make sure your husband has a hot meal, even if you go hungry" and "Jobs give you wrinkles."

But, according to a new study, beauty sleep is VERY real.

Researchers out of Sweden took photos of people after two good nights of sleep and two nights of only four hours of sleep . . . and then they had strangers rank how attractive they were in the different photos.

And the pictures where people were well-rested got WAY better scores. They were rated as more attractive, healthier, and friendlier than they were in the photos when they hadn't gotten much sleep.

by Lou Bartelli posted May 16 2017 10:34AM

HIGHLIGHTS: Here are a few sleep-related myths: Half of Americans think it's illegal to cut the tag off their mattress . . . 43% think it's fine to just catch up on sleep over the weekend . . . and half of us think some people don't DREAM. But some people just don't REMEMBER their dreams.

FULL STORY: According to a new survey by the Better Sleep Council, roughly half of Americans think it's illegal to cut the tag off their mattress . . . like the mattress cops will come arrest them. That includes 53% of men, and 45% of women.

Those warnings are really just for the SELLER though. Once you buy a mattress, you can do whatever you want with it. Here are four more sleep-related myths that a lot of people still believe . . .

1. 66% of us think you're supposed to replace your mattress every 10 years. They CAN last that long, or longer. But in general, it's every SEVEN years, not 10.

2. 43% of us think it's fine to just catch up on sleep over the weekend. It's better to get a good night's sleep EVERY night. Being tired all week can be tough on your body, and sleeping in on the weekend doesn't really make up for it.

3. 61% of us think that if you have a bad back, a FIRM mattress is always best. In general, that one's true. But not always. Some people do better with a softer mattress, so it varies.

4. Half of us think some people don't DREAM. 52% of men and 46% of women think that's true. But EVERYONE has dreams. Some people just don't remember them.

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by Lou Bartelli posted May 15 2017 9:41AM

FULL STORY: Even though it's 2017 and we're supposed to have come a long way in gender equality, when it comes to online dating, men are STILL mostly concerned with whether a woman is hot.

A new study looked at the adjectives that people use in online dating . . . and the ones that get the best results. The best one a woman can use in her profile is . . . "sexy."

Men also like women who describe themselves as honest, confident, affectionate, and intelligent.

There's some overlap there with what women are looking for . . . although women don't care if you think you're sexy or not.

The top five adjectives that have the best results for men are honest, intelligent, confident, funny, and romantic.

The study also found the worst words to use. For women, the worst way to describe yourself is happy . . . and for men, the worst way to describe yourself is CURVY. Although I kind of love the idea of a guy calling himself curvy.

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by Lou Bartelli posted May 10 2017 11:23AM

FULL STORY: The rumors were true: ABC is bringing "American Idol" back . . . just 13 months after it ended its 15-year run on Fox. There aren't many details yet, but here's what we know . . .

In a statement, an ABC exec said, quote, "America, get ready for the return of a bigger, bolder, and better-than-ever 'Idol'." He also took a jab at Fox by saying that it's, quote, "a pop-culture staple that left the air too soon."

But their goal is to make the show CHEAPER to produce. The main reason Fox canceled it was because it got way too expensive, especially considering its declining ratings.

Rumor has it they're going to save some money by having all the auditions at Disney World in Orlando. Disney owns ABC . . . so that will be both cheaper than traveling around the country, AND it'll be some nice cross-promotion.

And there's talk that they could also open up auditions on the West Coast at Disneyland in Anaheim.

There's no word on the judges, but they might make some announcements next week at the 'upfronts,' where the networks all reveal their new shows for next season.

It also SEEMS like RYAN SEACREST is a given to return as host, but even if he wants to do it and has the time . . . he'd have to come at the right price.

At the end of "Idol's" run, he was making more than $15 million a season, and if ABC's cutting costs, they might not be willing to spend that much.

Of course, BRIAN DUNKLEMAN could probably be had for $15-an-hour.

by Lou Bartelli posted May 8 2017 11:22AM

FULL STORY: We've got four really simple coffee hacks to help start the week. A few of them might also save you a few bucks, and help your waistline . . .

1. Let your coffee cool down for a few minutes before you drink it. A few different studies have found it tastes better that way. If it's super hot, it tends to taste stronger, and a little more bitter.

2. If it still tastes bitter, add a pinch of salt. You can add it to the coffee grinds, or just sprinkle some in your cup after you brew it. Some people swear by it. And it can save calories, because you won't need as much cream to cut the bitterness.

3. Save money by making your own flavored creamer. Just add a few drops of vanilla extract or hazelnut extract to some half-and-half. It should taste pretty close, and it's a lot healthier. A lot of those store-bought creamers have trans fats and a ton of sugar.

4. Make your own frothy milk in the microwave. Just pour some milk in a mason jar . . . shake it up . . . take the lid off . . . and nuke it for about 30 seconds. Then spoon it onto your coffee so it looks like a cappuccino.

by Lou Bartelli posted May 5 2017 11:35AM

FULL STORY: A 46-year-old firefighter in Tacoma, Washington named Dean McAuley got something in the mail last month that he wasn't expecting . . .

His wife Stacy called him at work after she opened a package that came for him . . . and it was an old wallet he lost 13 YEARS ago.

He says it's been so long that he doesn't actually remember losing it anymore. But it still had his license, all of his credit cards, and $11 in cash inside.

Whoever found it didn't write their name. But they included a note with "March 29th, 2017" written at the top.

They said they found it years ago outside a Mexican restaurant and made "several attempts" to get it back to him. But they couldn't find his new address, and then they forgot about it.

They didn't turn it in, because they didn't think the cops would actually try to track Dean down. Then they recently found the wallet in a desk . . . managed to find his address online . . . and put it in the mail.

Dean says he'd love to track them down to say thanks. And it was a great example for his 4-year-old son about doing the right thing, and always trying to look out for other people.

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by Lou Bartelli posted May 3 2017 10:23AM

ABC has entered the race to bring "American Idol" back to TV. And you'd think they have a leg up because they just brought RYAN SEACREST in to co-host "Live!" with KELLY RIPA. But that's not exactly the case.

It's because of Ryan's commitment to "Live!" that it's likely he can't host. ABC thought they could get "Idol" moved to New York to make it easier for him, but the producers said no.

ABC wants the show to debut in March of next year, but this isn't anywhere near a done deal. NBC and Fox were recently bidding for the show, and it sounds like those negotiations aren't entirely dead yet, either

by Lou Bartelli posted May 1 2017 9:50AM

Finally, someone came up with an exercise plan I think I could handle.

There's a gym in England that just created a new workout called "Napercise." You go to the gym, head into one of the class studios . . . and then everyone takes a 45-minute nap. You also do some stretches before or after, but I bet those are optional.

The gym says the class, quote, "reinvigorates the mind, improves moods, and even burns the odd calorie

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