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by Lou Bartelli posted Mar 23 2017 10:45AM

FULL STORY: Someone who was recently laid up in a hospital posted a list on Reddit of things they wish people had brought them. Apparently they got a lot of flowers, which was great. But they wish they'd gotten some practical stuff too.

Here are five suggestions they came up with . . .

1. Moisturizer. They had to wash their hands a lot, so they got pretty dry. And the air was dry too, so they also wish they'd had chapstick.

2. A really long phone charger. Like one of those ten-foot ones, so they can still use their phone while it's charging.

3. Gift cards for any restaurants nearby that deliver. Some hospitals DO allow it. Just check with their nurse or doctor first, because they might be on a special diet. Another thing they wish they'd had were condiment packets.

4. Anything to keep them entertained. Like a book, a deck of cards, or an iPad they can borrow to watch Netflix.

5. A sleep mask and ear plugs. The beeping from the machines gets annoying. And sometimes nurses do their rounds at odd hours, like 3:00 AM. So it's hard to sleep.

They also said it can get pretty lonely and depressing when you're in the hospital for a while. So getting cards, phone calls, and just having people visit was huge.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Mar 21 2017 11:36AM

How Much Money Would It Take to Live the Rest of Your Life Stress-Free?

HIGHLIGHTS: According to a new survey, 24% of people think winning almost a million bucks would be enough to make the rest of their life stress-free. 17% say they'd need more like $6 million, and 30% would need $8 million.

FULL STORY: Pretend you just hit the lottery for a million bucks. Would that be enough to live the rest of your life basically stress-free?

According to a new survey in Australia, most people DON'T think winning nearly a million dollars would cover it. (We've converted the results to American dollars, so if they sound like arbitrary amounts, that's why . . .)

Only 24% said an $800,000 jackpot would be enough to totally change their life. (In Australian dollars, that's $1 million.)

17% said they'd need more like $6 million . . . and 30% would need about $8 million to live the rest of their life and not worry about money anymore.

33% said the best thing about winning a huge jackpot would be getting out of debt, and being financially secure.

22% said being able to help friends and family would be the best part.

14% said it would be having the freedom to do whatever they wanted

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by Lou Bartelli posted Mar 9 2017 11:07AM

Now that International Women's Day is over, it would be really great if society didn't revert back to THIS.

A disappointing new study out of Wales found that more than HALF of women give UNFRIENDLY and JUDGMENTAL looks to other women all the time. And they give those nasty looks to everyone from close friends to random strangers on the street.

The researchers say they were surprised at just how often women glared at other women . . . and how it made women less trusting of other people in general. So, yeah, that's pretty much bad news all around

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by Lou Bartelli posted Mar 8 2017 11:54AM

FULL STORY: A woman who's read over 40,000 resumes came up with a list of the most annoying mistakes she sees over and over again. Here are the top eight . . .

1. Not paying attention to detail. Like misspelled words and typos. Hiring managers see a ton of resumes. So they're looking for any reason to toss yours in the trash.

2. Too many cliché phrases and buzzwords. Like saying you "think outside the box," or that you're a "team player." One or two of them is okay, just not ten.

3. An extremely long summary, also called your "objective statement." It's the paragraph at the top where you talk about your goals. Some people think it's outdated, and you don't even need one. So definitely don't go overboard with it.

4. Starting bullet points with the phrase, "Responsible for [blank]." Like under your current job, you might say you're, "Responsible for daily blog updates." There are better ways to say it, so it makes you look lazy and kind of boring.

5. Being too formal. Hiring managers get sick of seeing stuff like, "I utilized my prodigious writing skills and leadership capabilities to bolster client engagement." It's better if you just say, "I used my writing and leadership skills to connect with clients."

6. Relying too much on a resume template. Changing up the font or the layout can help you stand out. Just don't get TOO creative. It still needs to look professional.

7. Having too much blank space on the page, or not enough. Sometimes a page that's totally filled with writing is even more annoying. Especially if you have to use a tiny font to fit it on one page. If you do, either make it two pages, or start cutting stuff.

8. Taking up too much space with your contact information. Your name goes at the top. Then your phone number and email address should be directly underneath it, without a ton of space in between.

Most people still put their mailing address in there, but you might not need to. If you take that out, you can fit your contact info on one line, right under your name.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Mar 6 2017 3:13PM

FULL STORY: Every single state has a lot of unique stuff it can be proud of. Even Delaware. But what's the GREATEST thing they have to offer? just put together a list of the one best thing about every state. Here are some of the ones that are hard to argue with . . .

Alabama: Crimson Tide football . . . Arizona: the Grand Canyon . . . Kentucky: bourbon . . . Louisiana: jazz . . . Nevada: doing illegal things legally . . . New Jersey: Bruce Springsteen . . . Vermont: maple syrup . . . and Wyoming: Yellowstone.

And here are five that should probably make the people in these states feel shortchanged . . .

California: the Pacific Coast Highway . . . Colorado: legalized marijuana . . . Iowa: election caucuses . . . Illinois: Lake Shore Drive . . . and Florida: idiots in the news.

by Lou Bartelli posted Mar 2 2017 11:46AM

FULL STORY: Can people tell what kind of person you are, just by the color of your car? Probably not. But a recent survey found out what other people THINK it says about you.

Here are six car colors, and what people think they say about your personality . . .

1. A black car makes you seem charming, intelligent, and ambitious. But also selfish.

2. White or silver makes you seem trustworthy.

3. Red makes you seem happy and adventurous, but also angry.

4. Blue makes you seem loyal, kind, and considerate.

5. Tan or brown makes people think you're grumpy, mean, and boring.

6. A gold car makes you seem greedy and wealthy. Obviously it has to be an expensive car though. Even if it's gold, people won't think you're rich if you're driving a 1998 Ford Focus.

The survey also found men think women in red cars are the sexiest, and women think blue cars are the most attractive for men. The least attractive car color is brown

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by Lou Bartelli posted Mar 1 2017 11:24AM

FULL STORY: We've got a study here that figured out the hardest working and laziest cities in America, but before we get into it, it's important to note that even the people in the laziest city here work about 40,000% harder than anyone in France.

Good. Now that we've got that out of the way, on to the list. ranked the 116 biggest cities in the country on how hard working they are using factors like the labor force participation rate, the average hours per week people work, commute times, people with multiple jobs, and volunteer hours.

And the hardest working city is Anchorage, Alaska. Here are the rest of the top 10 . . .

Plano, Texas . . . Cheyenne, Wyoming . . . Virginia Beach, Virginia . . . Irving, Texas . . . Scottsdale, Arizona . . . San Francisco . . . Corpus Christi, Texas . . . Washington D.C. . . . and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

On the other end of the scale, Burlington, Vermont is the laziest city. Here are the rest of the 10 slacker cities . . .

Detroit . . . San Bernardino, California . . . Providence, Rhode Island . . . Buffalo, New York . . . Columbia, South Carolina . . . Tucson, Arizona . . . Cleveland . . . Fresno, California . . . and Toledo, Ohio.

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