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by Brian Stephenson posted Sep 2 2015 10:21AM

If you're going to blow a new job opportunity, might as well go out HUGE.

A 23-year-old guy from Aurora, Illinois interviewed for a job last month, and the HR manager wound up hiring him.

But not long after she called him to give him the good news . . . she got two NAKED SELFIES from him.

It turns out he did it by accident . . . he meant to text the photos to someone else, but got confused.

She told her bosses, and they went to the cops. But the guy told them it was a mistake, and everyone believed him.

So the woman decided not to press charges . . . but the company withdrew the job offer.

(Chicago Tribune)

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by Brian Stephenson posted Sep 1 2015 8:36AM

There's a new website called RoadSnacks.net, and they're clearly not here to make friends. Because they just released a list of the ten WORST places to live in America.

The results are based on things like unemployment rates, income versus cost of living, education spending, and crime rates. Check 'em out . . .

1. Macon, Georgia.

2. Jackson, Mississippi.

3. Detroit, Michigan.

4. Knoxville, Tennessee.

5. Chattanooga, Tennessee.

6. Rockford, Illinois.

7. Savannah, Georgia.

8. Memphis, Tennessee.

9. Mobile, Alabama.

10. Springfield, Missouri.

The best places to live are Alexandria, Virginia . . . Plano, Texas . . . and Bellevue, Washington.


(You can see the ranking for every city here.)

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