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by Lou Bartelli posted Feb 23 2017 4:25PM

FULL STORY: Bathroom breaks are the best part of the work day: You're still on the clock and getting paid, but you get to be all alone with your thoughts and your phone. And now some company wants to ruin all that.

A Japanese company called KDDI just created an app that could let your boss know when you're spending an extra long time in the bathroom.

The app is set up to monitor the stalls in all of the bathrooms in an office building.

People can check to see if stalls are available before they head to the bathroom, which can save them the hassle of getting to the bathroom and finding it's totally occupied. So that's good.

But the app can also send an alert to management if one stall has been occupied for too long. And it's not hard to see how companies could quickly use the data from that alert to figure out which employees are burning the most time on the toilet.

The app is going on sale in Japan starting in March. There's no word on when it might be available over here.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Feb 22 2017 11:47AM

HIGHLIGHTS: Would you want to know when and how you'll die? According to a new survey, only 1% of people would want the ability to find that out . . . and see the rest of their future too. The majority of people don't want ANY spoilers about their future.

FULL STORY: If you had the chance to see into the future, would you take it? I would've guessed most people would say "yes." Turns out that's TOTALLY wrong.

According to a new survey, only 1% of people say they would want the ability to look into their future and see everything that happens to them . . . including when and how they die.

A little less than half of people say they'd be willing to look into the future if they could only see the POSITIVE things that would happen.

But the majority of people don't want ANY spoilers. The researchers found people didn't even want to know fairly trivial things in advance, like if their favorite team will win a game or what they're getting for Christmas.

There's only one thing that the majority of people say they DO want to know in advance . . . the sex of their unborn child.

by Lou Bartelli posted Feb 21 2017 10:16AM

HIGHLIGHTS: A college kid in Pennsylvania got a care package from his mom a few weeks ago . . . that turned out to be a box of trash he was supposed to take out when he was home for winter break. He posted a photo of the box, and now it's going viral.

FULL STORY: Somehow, a teenager forgetting to do his chores has become international news.

There's an 18-year-old kid named Connor Cox who's a freshman at Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. And a few weeks ago, he got a care package from his mom.

But when he opened it up, all he found inside was a bunch of trash.

And not just any trash. It was the trash he was supposed to take out back when he was at home for winter break, but he forgot.

Connor posted a picture of the box of garbage on Twitter and now it's going viral.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Feb 20 2017 11:53AM

FULL STORY: This might make you hate your commute a little less. According to a new study, working from home is actually MORE stressful than working in an office.

Researchers spent time with employees in 15 different countries and talked about their schedule, how often they work remotely, and how stressed out they are.

They found that you tend to be more productive when you work from home, partly because it's easier to zone-in. But it's also most stressful, because you end up working longer hours, and don't socialize as much.

It also blurs the line between your work life and your personal life. And all that added stress can mess with your sleep.

42% of people who work remotely said they have trouble sleeping, compared to 29% of people who work in an office.

Working remotely isn't ALL bad though. They say the sweet spot is to work from home two or three days a week, and go into an office the rest of the time. That way you're more productive, but don't get stir-crazy from never leaving the house.

by Lou Bartelli posted Feb 17 2017 12:12PM

FULL STORY: How great would it be if you got to sit your boss down every few months, and talk about all the things THEY need to improve on?

According to a new survey, here are the top five things employees wish their managers would get better at . . .

1. Communicating. About a third of the people in the survey said communicating and being more diplomatic was the number one thing they wish their boss did better.

2. Their technical skills.

3. Their leadership skills.

4. Being able to strategize better.

5. Being better at managing projects.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Feb 14 2017 11:00AM

Even if you're single, maybe you won't feel alone today thanks to your cat or dog. But if you're single and don't have a pet . . . um, no offense, I guess?

According to a new survey, 54% of people with pets are giving them a Valentine's gift this year. And that makes sense, because we're in VERY affectionate relationships with them.

91% tell their pets they love them . . . 70% let them sleep in their bed . . . and 32% kiss them on the lips, bacteria be damned.

by Lou Bartelli posted Feb 1 2017 10:47AM

HIGHLIGHTS: Here's what we'll be spending on food and drinks for our Super Bowl parties on Sunday: $1.2 billion on beer . . . $1.1 billion on wine and liquor . . . $500 million on chips . . . $99 million on MEAT SNACKS . . . and $13 million on veggie trays.

FULL STORY: What better way to spend Super Bowl Sunday than going to a friend's house, drinking 15 beers, and eating two pounds of MEAT SNACKS?

Nielsen just released the results of their study on how much we'll spend on food and drinks for the Super Bowl this year. Check it out . . .

1. $1.2 billion on beer. Believe it or not, a lot of that will go toward imported beers and craft beers. Only about one-sixth goes toward, quote, "budget" beer.

2. $1.1 billion on wine and liquor. That's $594 million on wine and $503 million on the hard stuff.

3. $500 million on chips. Potato chips are slightly more popular than tortilla chips. And we'll spend another $52 million on dips.

4. $99 million on MEAT SNACKS. This category includes things like pork rinds, beef jerky, cocktail weenies, and pigs in a blanket.

5. $82 million on chicken wings.

6. $71 million on cheese snacks.

7. And $13 million on veggie trays

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