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Eight Gross Things We All Do, Ranked According to How Satisfying They Are

by Admin posted Oct 4 2017 9:14AM
A new survey asked people to rank gross things we all do according to how SATISFYING they are. And men and women both agree the MOST satisfying one is when you wait to be alone . . . and finally get to PASS GAS. Here are the top eight . . .

1. Waiting to be alone, then passing gas.
2. Picking an irritating booger.
3. Watching a blackhead pop. Women find it a little more satisfying than men do.
4. Picking off dead skin.
5. Peeing in the shower. Men like that one slightly more than women.
6. Popping a pimple too soon. Is that really "satisfying" though? Isn't it just frustrating if they WON'T pop?
7. Smelling your own gas.
8. Smelling your own armpits. (Daily Mail)
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10/04/2017 9:15AM
Eight Gross Things We All Do, Ranked According to How Satisfying They Are
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