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by Lou Bartelli posted Sep 22 2016 5:41AM

HIGHLIGHTS: A new survey found Pokémon will be the number one Halloween costume this year, and Trump and Hillarycostumes will be big too. 45% of people plan to wear a funny costume . . . 28% plan to go as something scary . . . and 27% plan to wear a sexy costume.

FULL STORY: A new survey found 56% of us are planning to dress up for Halloween this year. And get ready to see lots of people dressed as Pokémon and Donald Trump. Here are five stats from the survey . . .

1. Trump and Hillary costumes will obviously be big this year. But 50% more people said they're planning to go as characters from "Pokémon Go".

2. The top group costume idea is ALSO Pokémon. But for millennials, it's "Suicide Squad" . . . for people aged 25 to 34 it's"The Avengers" . . . and for people over 45 it's "Star Wars".

3. 45% of people are planning to wear a funny costume this year . . . 28% want their costume to be scary . . . and 27% plan to wear a SEXY costume. So sexy costumes are almost as popular as scary costumes now.

4. The average person won't start planning their costume until we're just under three weeks out from Halloween. So you've still got time. And a quarter of people say they'd never wear the same costume two years in a row.

5. Just under 25% of people said Halloween is their favorite holiday.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Sep 15 2016 5:44AM

HIGHLIGHTS: A new survey found 84% of us feel like we're unappreciated. And we think the most underappreciated jobs are garbage collector . . . mom . . . and teacher.

FULL STORY: Do you feel undervalued and underappreciated? I'm just playing the odds here . . . you're thinking, "Oh my God, YES."

A new survey found 84% of us feel like we're unappreciated. You could feel that way at work, at home, with your family, with your friends, or all of those.

And three out of four of us say we've done something nice for someone and not even gotten a "thank you."

The survey also found the four jobs we think are the most underappreciated. Check 'em out . . .

1. Garbage collector.

2. Mom.

3. Teacher.

4. Mail carrier.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Sep 14 2016 5:47AM

FULL STORY: We found a list online of ways to live life to the fullest. And some of them are things you've probably thought about. But they should be GOALS . . .

1. Be bold and take risks. If you ALWAYS make the safe choice, you end up limiting yourself. And that applies to everything from taking a new job, to asking someone on a date.

2. Stop doing the same thing every weekend. Try to expand the list of stuff you do on a regular basis, so you don't get in a rut. When you're on your death bed, you won't regret missing a football game or two.

3. Do stuff that's outside your comfort zone. Which goes hand-in-hand with the last one. It doesn't have to be something big, like skydiving. It could be as simple as ordering something new at a restaurant.

4. Get together with friends as much as possible. And do whatever you can to make NEW friends, so you're not just hanging out with the same people all the time.

5. Try to master a new skill. It doesn't matter what it is. Just stick with it, and you'll feel like a more interesting person who didn't just sit around wasting time.

6. Travel as much as you can. Maybe you can't afford to fly to Europe every year. But just going somewhere new that's within driving distance can open you up to new ideas and experiences

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by Lou Bartelli posted Sep 12 2016 9:18AM

HIGHLIGHTS: A new survey says the three most awkward situations in dating are meeting the other person's ex . . . meeting their parents . . . and the first date.

FULL STORY: New relationships are basically just a string of awkward moments. Until one of you finally poops in front of the other . . . then you're basically ready to get married. That's free wisdom for you, by the way. You're welcome.

A new survey found the eight most awkward situations in dating and new relationships. Check 'em out . . .

1. Meeting the other person's ex.

2. Meeting their parents.

3. Going on the first date.

4. Making a poor attempt to talk to someone you find attractive.

5. Meeting up with someone from online dating who isn't quite what you expected.

6. Bumping into your ex.

7. The first time you dance with someone.

8. The first kiss.

by Lou Bartelli posted Aug 31 2016 9:33AM

HIGHLIGHTS:  A new survey found the top ways we try to make ends meet.  Some of them are practical ideas, like cooking at home or getting a part-time job.  And some aren't . . . like racking up credit card debt or not going to the doctor.



FULL STORY:  A new survey found the 10 biggest ways people try to make ends meet these days.  And they're all over the place.  From good, practical ideas . . . to a few REALLY misguided ones.  Here's the top ten.



1.  Cooking at home more instead of eating out . . . 68% of us do it to make ends meet.


2.  Spending less on clothes and beauty products . . . 66% of us.


3.  Buying cheaper food . . . 55% of people do it.


4.  Skipping social activities, 46%.


5.  Not going on a vacation, 39%.


6.  Borrowing money from family and friends, 25%.


7.  Racking up credit card debt, 24%.  (That's a creative way to save the cash you CURRENTLY have, I'll give you that.  But not much more.)


8.  Not going to the doctor, 22%.


9.  Getting a part-time job, 13%.


10.  Moving to a cheaper place, 7%

by Lou Bartelli posted Aug 30 2016 11:26AM

FULL STORY:  According to women who've had at least one kid, these seven things can actually be more painful than CHILDBIRTH.  See if you agree, ladies . . .



1.  Kidney stones.  One woman said it's like being stabbed in the side with a hot knife over and over again.  And the pain was so bad, she couldn't talk and temporarily went BLIND.  Plus she didn't know what it was at first, which made it even worse.



2.  A really bad toothache.  Meaning the pain is constant.  One woman said giving birth was bad, but she had a toothache that was even worse.



3.  Broken ribs.  Not because the pain itself is worse.  But they take a long time to heal, and it hurts every time you breathe.  So some women said they'd rather give birth.



4.  A really bad migraine.  Which can last hours, and cause some people to pass out from the pain.  A lot of people also said cluster headaches can be just as bad.



5.  Gout.  Which causes burning and swelling in your joints.  A recent survey found more than two-thirds of people with it said it's the worst pain they've ever experienced.



6.  Trigeminal neuralgia.  (Pronounced try-JEM-in-uhl.)  Which is when a nerve in the side of your head gets inflamed and causes a stabbing pain.  Apparently it's rare, but there's no cure.  And it's so painful, it makes some people consider suicide.



7.  Third-degree burns.  But not just the burn itself.  Getting skin grafts, new bandages, and washing the burned skin can actually be MORE painful.

by Admin posted Aug 29 2016 12:33PM
Gene Wilder, the star of such comedy classics as "Young Frankenstein" and "Blazing Saddles," has died. He was 83. Wilder's nephew said Monday that the actor and writer died earlier this month in Stamford, Connecticut from complications from Alzheimer's disease. The frizzy-haired actor was a master at playing panicked characters caught up in schemes that only a madman such as Mel Brooks could devise, whether reviving a monster in "Young Frankenstein" or bilking Broadway in "The Producers." But he also knew how to keep it cool as the boozy sheriff in "Blazing Saddles" and as the charming candy man in the children's favorite "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory."
by Lou Bartelli posted Aug 29 2016 5:45AM

Seven Things People Did to Lose a Ton of Weight


HIGHLIGHTS:  Here are seven ways to lose a ton of weight:  Stop drinking soda . . . get a dog . . . cook more . . . snack on raw veggies . . . don't bring junk food into the house . . . stop putting sugar in your coffee . . . and drink less alcohol.



FULL STORY:  What's one thing you could do to lose weight?  Well, a bunch of people who lost a TON of weight went on Reddit, and revealed the one change that helped them do it.  Here are the top seven . . .



1.  Stop drinking soda and juice.  One person switched to unsweetened tea and dropped a bunch of weight.  And obviously water is always a good choice.



2.  Get a dog.  And not just because you'll have to walk it.  They said it also forced them into a routine, so they were less likely to just sit on the couch and snack all day.



3.  Cook more and stop ordering in.  Restaurant food is loaded with salt and fat.  So you'll naturally lose weight if you cook more.  And planning your meals also helps.



4.  Snack on raw veggies instead of junk food.  Which might seem impossible.  But you'll definitely lose weight if you stick with it.



5.  Don't bring junk food into the house.  Or if your kids DEMAND it, then only buy stuff THEY like but you don't.



6.  Stop putting sugar in your coffee.  One person said they got used to it after about a month.  Or you can use a natural sweetener, like Truvia.



7.  Drink less alcohol.  A hard night out can be a thousand calories.  Then you're drunk, and end up eating something like pizza that adds even mor

by Lou Bartelli posted Aug 25 2016 5:20AM

FULL STORY:  A new survey found the top five situations that stress us out at work.  And somehow, "my boss figuring out I could be replaced by a robot or a highly intelligent animal like a monkey wearing glasses" didn't make the list.



Here are the top five moments when people get the most stressed out at work . . .



1.  When they realize they made a mistake.



2.  When they have a huge workload.



3.  During a conflict, like getting chewed out by their boss or having to fire someone.



4.  Right before a big deadline.



5.  During presentations or important meetings.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Aug 23 2016 7:56AM

HIGHLIGHTS:  According to a new survey, parents are spending an average of $244 to send each kid back to school this year.  The biggest costs are new clothes, shoes, and school supplies.



FULL STORY:  Back in my day, there was no back to school shopping.  Mom just put me in hand-me-downs and said I could get a Trapper Keeper when I got a damn job.  At least that's how I remember it.  I've drank SO MUCH Fireball between then and now.



According to a new survey, parents are spending an average of $244 to send each kid back to school this year.  Here are the main costs:



1.  New clothes and shoes, $130.



2.  Equipment for their sports or clubs, $33.



3.  School supplies and a backpack, $47.



4.  Technology, $34.



The survey also found 11% of parents will turn to THEIR parents to get them to pay for some of that.

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by Lou Bartelli posted Aug 19 2016 6:05AM

HIGHLIGHTS:  A recent survey asked hiring managers to name the weirdest stunts people have pulled to land a job.  And the answers included showing up in a white limo for a mid-level job . . . offering to share an ice cream cone . . . and mailing them CASH.



FULL STORY:  A recent survey asked a bunch of hiring managers for the weirdest stunts people have pulled in job interviews to try and land a job.  Here's the top ten . . .



1.  A guy showed up in a white limo and three-piece suit . . . but it was a mid-level position where the dress code was khakis and a button-down.


2.  Someone had their priest call and say to hire them.


3.  A guy had his wife make bars of lavender soap to say thanks for the interview.


4.  Someone asked the hiring manager if they wanted to share an ice cream cone.


5.  A guy who had worked as a camp counselor showed up with some of the KIDS he worked with to show he had leadership skills.


6.  Someone bought a first-class upgrade to sit next to a hiring manager on a flight.


7.  Someone had an interview in October, so they showed up in a Halloween costume.


8.  A guy sent socks with a note saying he'd knock their socks off.  And someone else sent a shoe, with a note that said he was just trying to get his "foot in the door."


9.  Someone tried to land a job by KISSING the person who interviewed them. 


10.  A guy tried to up his chances by mailing the hiring manager cash

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by Lou Bartelli posted Aug 17 2016 9:01AM

FULL STORY:  The first generation of kids that grew up with HELICOPTER PARENTS are now adults.  And they need jobs . . . but if you think their lunatic parents are going to let them take on that big scary task alone, you're sadly mistaken.



A new survey asked hiring managers the craziest thing a parent has done to try to get their kid a job.  Here are the six best . . .



1.  "The guy opened his laptop and had his mother Skype in for the interview."



2.  "A father tried to negotiate a higher salary for his son."



3.  "A woman brought us a cake to try to convince us to hire her daughter."



4.  "A candidate was texting his parents the questions I was asking during the interview and waiting for a response."



5.  "A father called us pretending to be from his son's previous company and praised him."



6.  "One parent asked if she could do the interview for her child because he had somewhere to be.

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