Brian Stephenson

(Brian - pictured here with Chris Hillman)

Brian & Lou “The Waking Crew” 6:00am - 10:00am Mon-Fri.

How long have you been in radio: 32 Years
Career highlights:  Have owned, operated and managed radio stations. On-air various formats - Talk radio to Country to All- Byzantine-All-The-Time. The Classic Hits on Cherry FM is the music I grew up with!
Best job:  Other than hosting the “The Waking Crew” on Cherry FM with my buddy Lou -- it would have to be my time as President of Stephenson Broadcasting, Inc - as owner/operator/general manager/morning show host/janitor of a station I owned in the early to mid 90's.
Worst job: Stock room lackey at Peoples Department Store - in the summer of 1976. Though I am still grateful to Mr. Fabian for giving me the job - as it was a good experience and made me appreciate every other job I've had since! (I wonder whatever happened to the curmudgeon stock room Manager? What a beast!)
Fav movie: Raging Bull. I was a theatre projectionist when the movie came out - and I saw it 80 times. Sheesh - and I still like it.
Fav food: Prime Rib (well-browned end-cut please)
Worst food: Succotash
Wife? Kids?: One wife - three children – three grandkids.
Pets:  Yoda the cool cat. He’s a Russian Blue, comrade.
Fav saying: "They ought to bring back the whipping post"! (my great grandmother - circa 1930)
Hobbies: Golf. Acting. I got caught up in the Theatre World as a teenager and have been acting rather silly ever since. I’ve appeared in numerous shows at The Warehouse Theatre & Akin Center Theatre – including such shows as: “The Odd Couple”, “The Crucible”, “Every Christmas Story Ever Told, And Then Some”, and others. I currently serve as President of the Warehouse Theatre Board of Directors.
  • Before getting into the radio biz – I was in a punk rock band, sold everything I owned except my guitar, moved to New York to try to get signed to a label. I was chewed up and spit out and crawled back to Washington State.
  • While in the greater Tri-State Area, I was arrested on Tommy James’ front porch. (long story, no charges filed)
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