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by Lou Bartelli posted Jan 16 2017 9:30AM

HIGHLIGHTS:  According to a new survey, the worst body language mistakes you can make in a job interview are not making enough eye contact . . . not smiling . . . fidgeting with something on the table . . . fidgeting in your seat . . . and crossing your arms.



FULL STORY:  A new survey asked more than 2,000 hiring managers for the biggest body language mistakes people make in job interviews.  And number one by far was not making enough eye contact.  Here are the top ten . . .



1.  Not enough eye contact.  Two-thirds of H.R. reps said it can ruin your chances.


2.  Not smiling.  Especially right when you meet the person who's interviewing you.


3.  Fidgeting with something on the table, like a pen.  It makes you seem nervous.


4.  Fidgeting too much in your seat.  Again, you'll look nervous if you can't sit still.


5.  Crossing your arms in front of your chest.  It makes you seem defensive.


6.  Having bad posture.  You look more confident when you stand up straight.


7.  Playing with your hair, or touching your face too much.  Again, you look nervous.


8.  Having a weak handshake.  It makes you seem like you're not very confident.


9.  Gesturing with your hands a lot when you talk.  A little bit is good, but not too much.


10.  Having a handshake that's too strong.  So you don't want a limp handshake . . . but you also don't want to break every bone in their hand. 

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01/16/2017 9:31AM
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