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by Brian Stephenson posted May 6 2014 2:35PM

Lest you forget – Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 11th. Now, I’m sure none of YOU would forget Mom on her special day – but you’d be surprised how many people do – at least until the last minute. A recent survey revealed that 74% of us – have no plans whatsoever for Mom – until a couple of days before Mother’s Day. Only 6% of the people surveyed have plans/reservations at least a week beforehand – while 13% just “wing-it” the day of. (I’m not sure what the other 7% do – but whatever it is – they better have a good excuse).

The survey also reported that while a vast majority of moms say “just being with family” is all they want for Mother’s Day – over half really expect something anyway. Now, that’s just common sense. So, it goes like this – mom says “oh, just being with you on Mother’s Day is all I could ever want” and you then need to say something like: “I know you’re so selfless and a great example of all the really groovy virtues – but it’s all the more reason I couldn’t resist at least getting you this lovely bouquet’……………….You get the idea. Whether it’s flowers or a gift certificate or candy or a heart-felt personally crafted Mother’s Day card – it’s what she expects – and she’ll love it.

Speaking personally, regarding those hand-crafted Mother’s Day cards – my mom apparently really liked those. Going through her personal things last year – I found one – from me – to her - circa 1970.  Funny, but I recall being a much better artist than I actually was. But she loved it and kept it for more than 43 years. She passed away less than a week following Mother’s Day last year – so this year will be my family’s first one without her.

So – my advice – plan a little something for mom this Sunday. She’ll know it’s because you care. Then give her an extra big hug -- because you can.

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by Brian Stephenson posted May 5 2014 11:37AM

Did you happen to catch any ot the Cinco de Mayo fun in downtown Yakima this weekend? My ventures into the heart of downtown and to the radio station were met with the resulting sights, sounds and smells of the celebration. It was great to see so many people packed into our downtown area, families enjoying the food, fun and demostrations. Prancing horses, parades, to live music and over 100 vendor booths. I hope it's an event which grows each year. Kudos to Yakima's finest for their work with traffic and crowd control.
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