“Rockin’ Dewey B”

Weeknights 7pm to 10pm

Clapton, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top. Rockin’ Dewey B learned Air Guitar from the Best, and has spent years honing his skills on the radio, with the mic off, while the songs are playing. At first glance he may appear to just be another guy trying to look cool going through the Air Guitar motions. But for those who take the time to look a little closer and see through the shallow exterior of what looks like another Rock n roll Wannabe, into the soul of the man…You’ll see an air guitar Rock n Roll Superstar. Watch as his right hand glides up and down the frets of his imaginary Stratocaster, while his left hand hits just the right string at just the right time. (Yes he plays left handed, just like another Rock n Roll superstar from Seattle named Jimmy) If you look closely and use your imagination, it’s almost like you are being transported to a giant Rock festival in the 70’s or 80’s for a few moments of Rock N Roll Heaven. If you look too closely, you’ll realize it’s just another pretend musician who wasn’t good enough to make it in a real band, but has a face for radio. He’s living the dream every weeknight from 7-10pm, he’s Rockin’ Dewey B.
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Location : Seattle